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105 Short Tattoo Quotes for Guys

  • Born to make history.
  • Be afraid and do it anyway.
  • Never let your fear decide your fate.
  • I was born to be brave.
  • We are our choices.
  • We live with the scars we choose.
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway.
  • Be your own sun.
  • You are the un.
  • Drink the wild air.
  • I will make better mistakes tomorrow.
  • My body is my journal and my tattoos are my story.
  • Don’t worry my tattoos don’t like you either.
  • Hell is empty and all devils are here.
  • Little by little, one travels far.
  • Dream as if you’ll live forever.
  • Keep moving forward.
  • Happiness is by choice.
  • So happy to be me!
  • Who is more real?
  • Only God can judge me.
  • I shall fear no man but God.
  • Oh yes, I can.
  • One day or day one?
  • You only live once.
  • Just one life.
  • One love forever.
  • Love without cause.
  • Having you means everything to me.
  • There is no fear in love.
  • Do all things with love.
  • Laughter is the music of life.
  • Life is what you make it.
  • Me, myself and I.
  • Be you, do you, For you.
  • Love the life you live. Live the life you love.
  • Every moment overflows with power.
  • Remember who you are.
  • Know your worth!
  • Create your own sunshine.
  • Faith x Hope x Love
  • Focus on the good.
  • Mindset is everything.
  • Young at heart.
  • Just be you!
  • Create Yourself.
  • Live Laugh Love.
  • Celebrate every tiny victory.
  • Your time is limited.
  • Wars begin in the minds of men.
  • And in time, this too shall pass.
  • Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.
  • Ever saint has a past. Every sinner has a future.
  • It’s better to burn out than to fade away.
  • Family where life beings & love never ends.
  • That, which does not kill me, makes me stronger.
  • Rise and rise again until lambs become lions.
  • Go west young man, your future is untold.
  • Lend me your hand and we’ll conquer them all.
  • I’m the hero of this story. I don’t need to be moved.
  • If you want peace, prepare for war.
  • There is no end to your light.
  • Choose not a life of imitation.
  • Trust your struggle.
  • Life goes on…
  • Life is Beautiful.
  • All or Nothing.
  • Make it happen.
  • Why not?
  • One of a kind.
  • Growing stronger every day.
  • Now or never.
  • Never stop dreaming.
  • Dreams come true.
  • Today I put myself first.
  • Love Yourself.
  • You are loved.
  • Nourish your soul.
  • Happy thoughts, happy life.
  • Life is short who not try LOVE.
  • Enjoy the journey.
  • Drug Free
  • Stay Wild
  • Be Strong
  • Just Because
  • Always Dreaming
  • Inspire Others
  • Choose Happy
  • Just Breathe
  • You got this!
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Begin your adventure… today!
  • Follow your heart it knows the way!
  • I am the master of my fate; I am the caption of my soul.
  • Live your dreams out loud.
  • May you always do what you’re afraid to do.
  • Mistakes are the proof that you are trying.
  • Die with memories, not dreams.
  • Without struggles there is no progress.
  • With pain comes strength.
  • Pain is temporary, pride is forever.
  • The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow.
  • Strength comes from within.
  • It is not length of life but depth of life.

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