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15 Wonderful Thoughts on Education by Swami Vivekananda

Below ’15 Wonderful Thoughts on Education by Swami Vivekananda’ will simply Inspire you.

  1. Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man.
  2. All power is within you; You can do anything and everything.
  3. Arise, Awake and Stop not till the goal is reached.
  4. The secret of life is not enjoyment but education through experience.
  5. You are the creator of your own destiny.
  6. There is only one purpose in the whole of life education.
  7. We may read books, hear lectures, and talk miles, but experience is the one teacher, the one eye-opener. It is best as it is. We learn, through smiles and tears we learn.
  8. The present system of education is all wrong. The mind is crammed with facts before it knows how to think.
  9. Educate our people, so that they may be able to solve their own problems. Until that is done, all these ideal reforms will remain ideals only
  10. It is man-making education all round that we want.
  11. Books are infinite in number and time is short; therefore the secret of knowledge is to take what is essential. Take that and try to live up to it.
  12. The very essence of education is concentration of mind.
  13. Complete continence gives great intellectual and spiritual power.
  14. No one was ever really taught by another; each of us has to teach himself. The external teacher offers only the suggestion which rouses the internal teacher to work to understand things.
  15. What is education? Is it book learning? No. Is it diverse knowledge? Not even that. The training by which the current and expression of will are brought under control and become fruitful is called education.

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