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20+ Short Slogans On Gender Equality

Gender inequality or gender discrimination is any unequal treatment, which includes giving privilege or priority, on the basis of gender. We live in a world where everyone deserves to be equally treated, recognized, respected and valued.

Gender equality means there shouldn’t be any discrimination among genders and it is our fundamental right. Be it men or women, it is mandatory to provide equal rights and opportunities without any difference or hidden benefits, so that everyone can achieve their goal with their full potential.

Are you ready to voice out against gender inequality? Well, here is our collection of catchy “20+ Short slogans on gender equality” which will definitely help you out in achieving gender equality and respect. Happy Reading…!!

Gender Equality Slogans

  • A better balance of power between genders!
  • Equality is a cure to social diseases!
  • Equality is a human right!
  • Careers have no genders!
  • Different genders but equal rights!
  • Don’t let gender be the measure of their potential!
  • Drop the gender mask!
  • Each and every human is equal and must always be treated with equality!
  • Make way for gender equality. Make a choice now or regret it in future!
  • Equal rights for both men and women!
  • Equal rights for others do not mean less right for you!
  • Equal rights to all in sight!
  • Equality has no gender!
  • Equality hurts no one!
  • Equality includes BOTH genders!
  • Equality is their birth right!
  • Men, their rights, and nothing more; women their rights, and nothing less!
  • Normalize equality. Do not be afraid. Nothing trumps justice!
  • There can be no real equality as long as there are words like gender floating around in society!
  • We need gender equity for shaping a stabilized society!
  • Gender equality must become a lived reality!

Gender Discrimination Slogans

  • Gender discrimination is making the society dead!
  • Gender equality is a human fight, not a female fight!
  • Gender equality must become a lived reality!
  • Gender is a social construct!
  • Humans + Rights = Equality!
  • Join the majority, vote for equality!
  • Keep your tiny hands off my rights!
  • Let equality bloom!
  • Men, their rights, and nothing more; women their rights, and nothing less!
  • Strength has no gender!
  • They say that time changes things, but you must change them yourself!
  • Treat women equally and see the world change for the better!
  • When the sun rises, it rises for everyone!

Gender Equality Taglines

  • Eliminate the difference!
  • Equal rights, equal responsibilities!
  • Equality is the basis of humanity!
  • Justice for gender!
  • We are all equals!
  • March for Equality!
  • Strength has no gender!
  • Take action for equality!
  • When the sun rises, it rises for everyone!
  • Your power is your radical self. Find it.

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