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25 Educational Quotes to Motivate Students

Here is our collection of 25 educational quotes to motivate students and help them focus on studies!

  1. The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.
  2. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
  3. Give a girl an education and introduce her properly into the world, and ten to one but she has the means of settling well, without further expense to anybody.
  4. Study hard now, enjoy life later.
  5. What we become depends on what we read after all of the professors have finished with us. The greatest university of all is a collection of books.
  6. Google can bring you back 100,000 answers. A librarian can bring you back the right one.
  7. Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and weak minds discuss people.
  8. Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world.
  9. Keep going. You can do this.
  10. Do it for the people who want to see you fail.
  11. A good book is an education of the heart. It enlarges your sense of human possibility what human nature is of what happens in the world. It’s a creator of inwardness.
  12. Work hard in silence. Let your success be your noise
  13. Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.
  14. Do something today that your future self will thank you for.
  15. Education is not preparation for life; Education is life itself.
  16. Eat your meals, make your bed, get plenty of rest, and make sure your homework is done
  17. Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.
  18. If you are not willing to learn, No one can help you! If you are determined to learn, No one can stop you!
  19. Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.
  20. When the student is ready, The Master appears.
  21. The expert in anything was once a beginner.
  22. Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction.
  23. It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.
  24. A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on it’s own wings. Always believe in yourself
  25. Education is the most important gift you can give to yourself.

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