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4 Things You Need To Procrastinate to Increase Productivity

We all know how procrastination will decrease our productivity.  Delaying a task will prevent us from achieving things that are important to us in our life. However, we can make procrastination work for us and increase our efficiency at work.

You might wonder how?

Just like how a delay in certain things can decrease our productivity, there are certain time-draining activities what we indulge each day.  If we can procrastinate these activities, it will make a remarkable impact on our lives. It will free up more time each day which can be used to for other productive tasks.

Interested to know what they are?

Please continue to read below.


Do you know an average human spend about 2 hours a day on fretting over a variety of issues?

2 Hours!!!!?

Yes, you heard me right.

When asked about why someone is not chasing their dreams and working towards their goal, the most common reason pointed out is that they don’t have time.

If we could cut down few minutes on the time we take to worry about things each day, it will make a significant impact on our lives.

Worry is an energy draining habit that can make us feel nervous about events or situations that might have already happened or never happen in our life.

If a situation has already happened there is no use in wasting time for regretting it. Our focus should be on finding a solution to tackle the problem.

If a situation doesn’t happen in the first place, then 90% it will never happen. So stop wasting time on something which has never happened.

Worry manifest negative emotions and curbs our mind from working effectively. So even if we waste few hours on worries, the mind disturbed over such thoughts takes more hours to recover from it. So ideally we lost more hours on worry.

Next time when a worrying thought crops out from your mind, learn to deter it. In short, procrastinate it. Say to yourself that you don’t have time to worry now.


We all know how the internet is shaping our life. We don’t do any tasks without backing up our thoughts by checking relevant sites on the internet.

The alarming truth is average teenager spends more than 8 hours a day online. It is a growing social issue bothering everyone.

Internet addiction is the compulsive need to spend more time online even though there is no necessity of it. It is equal to the addiction of intoxicating drugs and gambling.

If the mindless hours that we waste on surfing the net, can be put to use on other areas of life, we can make tremendous progress.

How to procrastinate the impulse to check the internet every passing minute?

When you want to work without distraction, cut down the internet. Turn off your Wi-Fi. There are plenty of browser extensions available in the market that can turn off the internet on your laptops/desktops whenever you want. Use them for your convenience.


If anyone knows more about us than the actual us, it could be the little smart device we carry around all the time.

Whatsapping, text messaging, gaming, chatting, and mind numbing  long hours phone call, are some of the time-consuming tasks that we do each day which affects our productivity a great deal.

Can you believe, an average person check his mobile for more than 50 times a day?

Sometimes we tend to check our smart phones for no apparent reason. Even if our phones don’t vibrate or ring, we simply check it!!!!

Take time and think how such constant interruption prevents us from achieving anything.

With so much of distraction how can it even be possible to work?

Some possible way to procrastinate your urge to check your mobile phones are

  • Learn to keep the mobile in silence while you work.
  • Switch off when not needed.
  • Uninstall the apps which consumes too much of your time.
  • Turn off the notifications that keep distracting you.
  • Allocate a fixed time each day where you can check everything on your mobile exclusively. This will calm you down and reduce your impulse to check frequently.


A survey suggests that average person watches more than 30 hours of TV each week.

Sitting in front of the television and wasting precious time on lame programs is the worst way to spend our life.

We don’t gain anything out of TV. Television is a great form of entertainment. At the end of a tough day, it is a great way to divert our mind towards something captivating and engaging.

However, if we waste lots of hours on it, then we are merely moving towards addiction, which will be very hard to overcome later.

Plenty of hours could be saved by simply switching off the TV and focusing on other tasks.

Procrastinate to watch TV next time. Instead, try for alternate options like reading a good book. Books improve your knowledge and your way of thinking.

Social Media/Emails

Another area which has tremendous influence over our life is the importance we give to social media networks.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, G+ all are built with one common mission. It is to make people come back frequently every day.

It is definitely not to the favor of us. While they make billions of cash, we end up pressing ‘Like’ button that is completely irrelevant to our life, or we are busy pinning something which we are never going to refer back.

Take 5 minutes and go through your Facebook feed again. See what kind of useless junk we are taking to our mind. Do you know Facebook feed are customized according to each person’s needs?

By looking at the feed, can you feel how you are browsing irrelevant stuff every day?

Logging out is a very difficult button to push in social media. While you wanted to say just a happy birthday seeing a Facebook notification, you will end up wasting 2 hours of your life liking and sharing useless forwards.

Instead, if you had taken the time to call and wish the person birthday. It would have taken just take two minutes.

Always set a timer before you log into a social media network. When the timer goes off, log out and focus on other work. This way you have control over how long you can spend on a particular site.

Ok..These are some of the serious productivity killers looming around us. If you take the time to think on the number of hours you waste each day on the above four areas, you will be astounded by the results.

Still, you don’t believe?

Take a note and pen. Track the time you spend on each of the above activities for a couple of days. Once you get the numbers, see if you can cut them down and put it to use for working towards your goals.

Even if you could save one hour from the above tasks,

  • You can shed down the additional weight that you want to lose for a long time.
  • You can sit down and write the book that you have been postponing for a year.
  • You can spend more time with your kids.
  • You can spend more time on following your passions.

The options are endless. Be wise on how you spend your day.



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