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45 Amazing Tips On How to Make Him Want You (That Work)

Did you fell in love to your dream boy and just don’t know, how to make him want you? You have found the right place to read!

1) Show your confidence

The most important factor in learning how to make a guy want you, is to be confident. You also need to show that you love yourself. That doesn’t mean being arrogant, simply knowing your worth and owning it. If you want the guy, you need to think that you don’t need the guy.

2) Use your body language

There is a lot of body language, but these five tricks are a good place to start.

  1. Look at his face before you smile – staring at a guy for a few seconds before breaking out your killer smile shows him that you´re only interested in him.
  2. Don´t break eye contact.
  3. Look down and flutter your eyelashes a little – this step makes you seem innocent yet still interested
  4. Glance at him quickly – once you´ve glanced at him quickly, look away and continue on with whatever you were doing
  5. Remember to be yourself.

3) Be kind

If a guy sees you being kind to others, he´ll know you´re someone he wants to be around. Hold the door open for others, arrive on time when you have plans with others, ask your friends how their day is going, and smile at the people who you pass on the street.

4) Be open to new things

If you want your guy to feel like he can spend time with you and still do the things that he enjoys, start doing new things with him. For example, try a new meal or movies that you don’t usually watch.

5) Be positive

People are attracted to those who have a positive outlook. Try to focus on the little things in life that can brighten even the worst day, such as an interesting conversation on your favorite meal. If you make an effort to be positive in your day-to-day life, others will be able to pick up on your positive energy.

6) Give him his space

Guys want to feel like they are free to be themselves, which requires some alone time. So, respect that space by having your own interests and activities outside of him. Make it clear to him you have your own group of friends, hobbies, and interests. If he sees you´re more independent, he’s likely to want you more.

7) Keep your conversations interesting

Don’t let conversations get boring or repetitive. If the conversation seems to be dying down, bow out or change the topic. For example, ask good questions or you can always default to asking about things he likes.

8) Compliment him

Give him some compliments during the interview. Make sure that you mean what you say, though, because he’ll probably be able to tell if you´re just giving him a line. For the first time you can use somewhat generic phrases. For example, you might say, “It was so good seeing you yesterday!”. And as you get to know him more, work organic compliments into the conversation.

9) Pass him a note

Sent a flirty text. Just show that you´re thinking of him, for example, you might send a quick text saying, “Just wanted to say hi!” or a quick question “How was your day?”

10) Hold eye contact for a few seconds longer

This trick is the oldest trick in the book. If you hold your stare even just for two seconds longer than usual, you will send a sexy vibe to the person you´re staring at. Holding eye contact will make you appear more confident, and it could give the other person impression that you´re interested in him. It’s the most obvious non-verbal cue that says, “I think you’re hot.”

11) Wear something sexy

You can choose outfits that you are comfortable wearing, but that also make you feel attractive at the same time. For example, a lower cut top, or a skirt or shorts that show off your legs. You can also wear red, because men tend to be drawn to people dressed in red.

Redheads usually look good in green or blue, blondes look good in blue or purple and darker hair, such as brown or black hair, tends to look good in red.

12) Wear flattering makeup

Use only a little eyeliner, mascara, and just enough eyeshadow to give your eyes some shape. A small amount of flattering makeup can accentuate your best features and get a guy’s attention.

13) Smell amazing

Guys love it when woman’s smell incredible. A simple clean smell is usually all it takes, so simply showering regularly can help. You can also add a little perfume or cologne.

14) Open up to him

If you can´t open up to him, he won´t open up to you, and then you won’t be able to develop a connection. If you feel that you can trust him as a person, then you should be able to share something personal about yourself.

15) Be around him

The more time you spend with someone, the more attracted you become. Try to hang out with him in a group or if you can, solo. This is one of the more obvious strategies for how to make a guy want you.

16) Relate to him

Find out some things that he’s interested in and get a conversation going about one of these topics.

17) Reduce the drama

Men are dramatic but they don’t like listening to female gossip. If a guy doesn’t like another guy, he makes it clear. So, instead of telling him your daily gossip news, call your best friend and unleash it onto them.

18) Tell him he’s funny

Men love to be the funny ones. It’s known that the more a girl can laugh with a guy, the more she likes him. Also, when he thinks about how great you make him feel, he´ll have a hard time looking at any other woman.

19) Make him laugh

Be really funny yourself. Guys love a girl with a sense of humor and most of us tend to hold that back on dates. Make jokes. Let him see that you can make him laugh.

20) Don’t be afraid to be a little weird and silly

What´ll make a guy remember you instead of those other girls? Be weird and goofy and show your silly side. Be yourself and don’t hold back.

21) If someone else likes you, make sure he finds out

Guys like competition, and if the man of your dreams is taking small strides, the best way for him to ramp up into a sprint is by informing him that he has competition.

22) Don´t reply to his texts too quickly

If you text right away, your guy will feel reassured that you like him more than he likes you. He´ll get lazy, especially if he’s not serious about you yet. Reply at least an hour after you received his text to keep him on his toes, unless you´re both having a texting conversation.

23) Turn down his invites once in a while

Make him feel like your world is not revolving around him. Say no to some of his invites. Not only will this make him wonder if you’re seeing someone, this will also challenge him to do better with whatever it is he’s doing with you.

24) Have your own life

Having your own life means that you need to have your own interests independent of your man. These are things like hobbies, activities, and friends. You need to show him that you really enjoy his company and presence, but at the same time, you need to let him know that you don’t need him.

25) Be good in bed

You need to have great skills in bed to keep him lusting after you and to prevent the idea of being with other girls from ever entering his bed.

26) Impress him with your intelligence and creativity

Impress a guy with your intelligence and creativity, and he will stick to you like glue. He will enjoy your every conversation (virtual or face-to-face), and he will do his best to make you realize that he´s the one for you. So, contradict him, have powerful arguments, tease him, and be creative in every field.

27) Take care of yourself mentally and physically

Don’t ever forget to put your well-being in first place no matter how much you like him. Take care of yourself, mentally and physically. Meditate, hit the gym, go for a walk or read a good book.

28) Be mysterious

It’s okay to share a few things with a guy you like because how else would you get to know each other, right? But don’t share every single detail from your life with him.

29) Be ambitious

Nothing is more powerful than an ambitious woman ready to conquer the world and do anything to reach her goals and make her dreams a reality. Every man wants to win against an ambitious, passionate and successful woman because they know it takes real skill to achieve that.

30) Make him feel like your protector

Every guy wants to know that he’s capable of protecting you. Men love it when you make them feel like they can take care of you and protect you from all those villains and life´s challenges.

31) Give him some space to miss you

Guys need more time to sort out their feelings, and they can’t do that in your presence. They need some space to figure out how they really feel about you. If you want a guy to miss you and only think about you, you need to give him some space and show him that you´re not needy or clingy.

32) Ask for his help or assistance

If you ask them for help, you will give them an opportunity to feel powerful and useful to you. So, if you tell a man that you have a problem, he will instantly stop doing whatever he’s doing and start thinking about solutions.

33) Meet his friends

If you want to make him want you, you need to make his friends like you as well. The best way to win over his friends is to relax, have fun with them, and see them as your friends as well. He will see you as girlfriend material, and his friends will probably be jealous of him for having such an inspiring and fun woman in his life.

34) Be playful

If you yourself are bored with texts you´re sending him, you need to change it. Spice things up with playful emojis, GIFs, or memes, and tell him about that funny situation about your life. Be creative. Keeping things interesting and playful is one of the most important ingredients that will make him addicted to you.

35) Love yourself first

How can a guy love you and want you if you don’t even love and want yourself? If you are not totally in love with yourself, don’t fret. There are plenty of ways to remedy it. If you feel like you aren’t in shape, you can always join a gym and start working. The same goes for your confidence when talking to guys. The only way to get more confident is to practice more and more with male friends and co-workers.

and void doing these things:

36) Don’t play games

Don’t give him mixed signals or play hard to get. It’s okay to ignore him from time to time but don’t overdo it.

37) Don’t make him your top priority

Don´t jump at his every word, don’t make excuses for him, and don´t break your own rules. He will realize that you have so many exciting things happening in your life that you don’t have time to commit to him in full.

38) Don’t pretend to be something you´re not

He won´t like you more if you´re wearing flawless makeup, the perfect outfit, shoes or whatnot. Don’t be afraid to be who you really are. Guys don´t care about whether you´re wearing makeup or not as long as you feel confident in your own skin. That’s what makes you truly beautiful.

39) Don’t be jealous

Don´t be one of those girls who freak out over every single text message a guy receives from other females. Jealousy is one of the leading ‘romance destroyers.’

40) Don’t stalk him

No matter how curious you are about his life and what he’s doing at the moment, don’t stalk him. If you spend half of your time stalking him in person or on social media, what will you tell him when he asks you the following question: What have you been up to? So, don’t stalk him, but live your own life.

41) Don’t overthink or analyze every single thing he says and does

Pay attention to his body language, but don’t overthink it. We always think that there must be a legit reason behind every single action. And if we can’t find one, we’ll invent one just so that we have some material to overthink.

42) Don’t text him or call him constantly (especially if he ignores you)

Forget about double texting, constantly texting, or calling him. Think about all the exciting things you could do instead of thinking about him or texting him. Let him wonder what you’re doing at the moment. Give him some space for curiosity, and you’ll win him.

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