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50+ You Are The Best Husband In The World Quotes

You may be newly wedded or got married before years, don’t ever let your husband feel that the cute romance between you is fading away or there is no spark in your beautiful relationship. Be it near or far, don’t miss to express the genuine feeling you have for him and make him fall in love with you all over again.

Just send him a simple text message or write a special letter or whisper sweet words in to his ears. Make him feel extra special and give him that top of the world feeling with our consolidation of “50+ You Are The Best Husband In The World Quotes / Heart Touching Love Quotes for Husband from Wife”. Happy Reading…!!


Sweet quotes for husband to make him feel special

  • It is your smile that fills my world with pleasure.
  • Being in love with you makes every morning worth getting up for!
  • Everywhere I look I am reminded of your love. You are my world.
  • If I had to choose between breathing and loving you, I would use my last breath to tell you I love you.
  • I love you every waking moment of my life; I am over the moon to be your wife.
  • The most wonderful thing I decided to do was to share my life & heart with you.
  • You are the source of my joy, the center of my world and the whole of my heart.
  • All that you are is all that I’ll ever need.
  • My life has never been the same since I met you.
  • My heart is perfect because… you are inside.
  • My heart is and always will be yours.
  • I love being my husband’s wife.
  • Your love shines in my heart as the sun that shines upon the earth.
  • You may hold my hand for a while, but you hold my heart forever.
  • You’re my favorite place to go to when my mind searches for peace.
  • Just hold my hands tightly and I am ready to take any risk and fight any battle just to be with you.
  • No matter where I went, I always knew my way back to you. You are my compass star.
  • I choose you. And I’ll choose you over and over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I’ll keep choosing you.

Romantic love quotes for him /You are the best husband in the world quotes

  • I need to start the morning with it and end the day with it. It’s not coffee, but with your kiss. I love you.
  • One day, I caught myself smiling without no reason, then I realized I was thinking you… I love you my dear Hubby!
  • One second with you is better than a million elsewhere.
  • Your arms are my favorite place.
  • Being in your arms is my happy place. I don’t want to be anywhere else.
  • You are summer to my winter heart.
  • You have no idea how my heart races when I see you.
  • When I listen to my heart, it whispers your name.
  • It doesn’t matter where I am. I’m yours.
  • I am catastrophically in love with you.
  • It doesn’t matter how many years pass by. The flight of our love will always fly high. I love you.
  • My husband, my world, my happy place, my forever paradise on earth.
  • For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.
  • My husband is where my love story begins…
  • If I know what love is, it is because of you.

Short love Messages for husband

  • I have stolen two things in my life, which I am never returning back. One is your HEART, and the other is your last NAME.
  • Every single day that I spend being your wife I realize how lucky I am to live such an amazing life.
  • Every day of my life is a blessing because it starts and ends with you.
  • To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to love and be loved, that’s everything.
  • Dear Hubby, I will be with you until the last sunset.
  • When I first met you, I didn’t know you were gonna be this important…
  • I wish I could turn back the clock. I’d find you sooner and love you longer.
  • Dear Husband, I love living life with you and I will live life for loving you.
  • Without you, I’m nothing. With you, I’m something. Together, we’re everything.
  • In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world, there is no love for you like mine.
  • I came upon real happiness when I chose to become yours. I love you, hubby.
  • Every beat of my heart belongs to you, every ray of sunshine comes from you, and every whiff of air that I breathe, I breathe for you.
  • I didn’t know that it was possible to fall in love over and over, deeper and deeper, with the same person every day. I love you honey.
  • My goal in this world is to gather all your love and give you so much more in return.
  • Dear husband, love isn’t a big enough word for us.
  • If you live 100 days, then I want to live only 99 days, so that I never have to live without you.
  • If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.
  • I don’t need paradise because I found you. I don’t need dreams because I already have you.
  • My purpose in this world is to gather all your love and give you so much more in return.

Thank you quotes for husband

  • Thank you, my love, for always making me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.
  • The best thing life has brought to me is you. Thank you for being my partner all the way.
  • Thank you for always being my rainbow after a storm.
  • You are always the reason for my happiness, my world and the love of my life.
  • You make me complete. I love you so much, I didn’t know what love meant until I met you.
  • You are my life; I cannot imagine my life without you.
  • Dear hubby, you complete me in every way! Thank you!
  • I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.

Proud of my husband quotes

  • Do you know what the best thing about this world is? It is being your wife!

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