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5+2 Things you’ll regret not experiencing in Santorini! 

Santorini is beyond magical – no doubt about that. Besides the heart-stopping landscapes, the imposing volcanic shores, dramatic cliffs, blue-domed chapels, whitewashed sugar-cube houses, and stunning sunsets, the beautiful Queen of the Cyclades also provides numerous opportunities to rejuvenate yourself, dive into its crystalline, azure waters and emerge a new person. And, if you want the top 5 activities/options worth a place on your to-do list, we give you some recommendations that will guarantee an excitement overload, one way or another! 

1. Watch the sunset 

A staple on Santorini, watching the sun sinking beneath the glorious Mediterranean sky is a magnificent, soul-pleasing spectacle on its own. Expect some of the most incredible sunsets ever seen by human eyes from key locations across the island, such as Oia, Fira, and Imerovigli. Now, you may choose one of the most popular sunset watching spots, such as the Fira promenade, Profitis Ilias Monastery, and the Oia castle or head to places with fewer crowds lacking the rather annoying sound of hundreds of cameras clicking away at the same time. In the latter case, the Akrotiri Lighthouse, Santos Winery, Thirassia island, or the shores of southern Santorini are ideal alternatives for sunset watching. 

Tip: For something special and more private, you may want to try a sunset cruise, which will enable you to share some quality time (and more private moments) with your partner or loved ones! 

2. Plan a visit to the Santorini volcano 

Feel free to indulge in the rich volcanic history of Santorini with an adrenaline-pumping volcano tour that involves a significant amount of hiking. If you love thrill-causing endeavours, then the trek to the top of the famous volcano will satisfy you greatly. At the very summit of the dramatic cliff, you can pamper yourself with a refreshing cocktail, cool beverage or delicious local gastronomy, with superb seascapes and views of the Santorini coastline. 

Tip: Want to take the experience even further? Do consider a dive in the therapeutic waters of the Hot Springs. And, if you love hiking and trekking, then the Fira-Oia hike will quench your thirst for outdoor explorations and fun activities. 

3. Swim in volcanic beaches

The island’s shores are adorned with black, red, or white volcanic sand that makes it a unique sight in more ways than one. One of the most romantic beaches on Santorini is the black-sand Perivolos Beach. Lively and captivating, it offers utmost entertainment via its lively beach bars, welcoming relaxation vibes, alongside exciting water sport activities, such as Jet Ski Safari! 

Also deserving of your time are the beaches of Kamari and Perissa, which dazzle with their unique reddish hues, steep hills, and crystal blue sea, creating a fascinating palette of contrasting shades. They, too, offer luxury amenities and comfortable facilities to make your adventure memorable. 

4. Explore the local gastronomy and wine-tasting scene

The one-of-a-kind Santorini volcanic morphology has contributed to the production of ingredients that are famous for their palate-pleasing taste, such as the local tomatoes and eggplant varieties that you won’t find elsewhere. So, visiting a traditional sea taverna to taste tomatokeftedes (tomato fritters), fava, Greek salad with capers, melitzanosalata (spread made with local eggplants), and local, award-winning wine while enjoying majestic seascapes and views of the island will definitely complete any trip to Santorini. 

Speaking of the local wines, these are truly incredible and of premium quality. In fact, some of the finest wineries in the world are found here, primarily the area of Pyrgos village. Tastefully (and often unbelievably artistically) decorated, the local wineries in this neighbourhood offer breathtaking vistas of the volcano, the Caldera, and the glistering Aegean Sea. Do consider sampling the internationally acclaimed wines around sunset for an even more romantic and fulfilling experience! 

5.  A yacht cruise around Santorini 

Despite the dazzling sensation one gets from discovering the charms of Santorini via a walking tour or road trip, nothing can compare to the sheer joy of seeing everything from amidst the archipelago! A luxury yacht or catamaran tour is the perfect option for this matter, as it allows you to explore the top Santorini attractions (i.e., the Akrotiri prehistoric settlement) without mingling with the huge crowds of a bus tour, and enjoy diving, scuba diving, and swimming in the cobalt waters of the White Beach, the Red Beach, and other top destinations on and near Santorini, with fab views of the volcanic islands and the caldera cliffs in the background. 

And, at the end of such an action-packed day and soul-gratifying itinerary, what can be more reinvigorating than spoiling yourself with top-tier 5-star accommodation, which includes a luxury suite that has it all, sweeping views of the Mediterranean Sea, private dining options, and even wellness services that rejuvenate the senses and unwind the body and mind, getting it ready for the next adventure down the line! 


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