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6 Best Places to Visit in Maldives on your Honeymoon

Maldives is a perfect holiday destination for honeymooners. With about 200 inhabited islands, Maldives gives you a lot of options in terms of beach hopping, shopping, attempting under-water activities to see the beautiful marine life, and tasting the local Maldivian cuisines. The capital city of Malé is a must-visit place in Maldives as it packs almost all the action here, but other islands such as Vaadhoo Island, which is famous for its glowing beach, should be on your itinerary as well. Here are the 6 best places that you must visit in Maldives on your honeymoon.  

1) Maafushi Island 

If you are looking to indulge in some fun-filled adventure activities throughout your stay at Maldives, then Maafushi Island should be part of your Maldives honeymoon package. You can indulge in a range of fun-filled adventure activities with your partner at Maafushi Island. From paddle boarding, scuba diving, snorkelling, speed boating, windsurfing to parasailing, you’ll be spoilt for choices in terms of adventure activities at Maafushi Island. The island is also famous for its bikini beaches, floating bars, and diving schools to help travellers, especially newlyweds on their honeymoon, make the most of their time in Maldives. 

2) Banana Reef 

Banana Reef in the North Male Atoll is said to be the first dive site found in the Maldives. It gets its name due to the densely populated banana plantations all around the place. The thick banana plantation is home to different species of wildlife as well. Banana reef is most popular for its scuba diving and snorkelling among the whale sharks, and is the most preferred spot for this adventure activity in Maldives. Amidst the beautiful coral reef underwater, you’ll also sight other marine species such as groper, jack fish, blue-striped snapper and barracuda. It must be a part of your Maldives honeymoon package.

3) Mirihi Island 

This island is a perfect holiday destination for couples who wish to spend some quality time with nature. This island is said to be the first in Maldives to get an overwater bungalow. Some of the major attractions at Mirihi Island include whale shark point and manta point. You can do scuba diving and snorkelling here. The highlight of this island is the Muraka restaurant, which is constructed over the blue waters of the island. It is known for its seafood cuisines, and world-class wines. Thrillophilia reviews Mirihi Island as one of the best romantic getaways for newlyweds on their honeymoon in Maldives.  

4) Malé 

If you are looking to have all the fun in one place, then the capital city of Malé would suit you perfectly on your honeymoon. And hence, it should be a part of your Maldives honeymoon package. As Malé does not have a beach of its own, they have created an artificial beach, which is a major tourist attraction now. You can also try your hands at different water sports here. Other important places to visit in Malé include Maldives Grand Friday Mosque, Maldives National Museum, Tsunami Monument and The Esjehi Art Gallery. You can also take a ride in a submarine tour that will take you 40 metres underwater to see the beautiful marine life of Maldives. Malé is also famous for its local arts and crafts, and cuisines.  

5) Vaadhoo Island 

Maldives is known for its beautiful collection of islands. Vaadhoo Islands is one of them and should be a part of your Maldives honeymoon package. The beauty of this island is that when the sun sets down, the sea water lights up in a large field of blue dots due to the presence of an aquatic creature called phytoplankton that glows in the dark. It looks as if the stars have descended on the waters, and make for a perfect romantic stroll on the beach in the evening. You can also do adventure activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling, and kayaking at Vaadhoo Island. 

6) Ithaa Undersea Restaurant 

Binging on the delicious sea food of Maldives tops the list of activities to do here. But what if you can eat out in a restaurant that is under water, and as you dine, you get to see the beautiful marine life swimming all across the restaurant. Well, head to Ithaa Undersea Restaurant at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island that is located underwater about 5 metres above sea level. Eating out at Ithaa with your partner with marine life for company would definitely be an unforgettable memory, and should be added to your Maldives honeymoon package.   


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