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753 Best Never Have I Ever Questions for Adults

Are you looking for interesting Never Have I Ever questions for adults? You have found the right place!

We have prepared for you a huge collection of game questions divided into several categories – funny, about relationships, dirty and love, foolish, achievements, events, activities, and more… Check the rules of the game.

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Never Have I Ever Questions for Adults – Relationships

Never have I ever …

  1. dated someone for their money or looks.
  2. said „I love you“ without meaning it.
  3. dated more than one person at once.
  4. broken up with someone over text.
  5. been cheated on.
  6. been on a dating website.
  7. tried to match my clothes with my partner’s.
  8. lied about being single because I wasn’t interested in the person.
  9. bought roses and chocolates for a date on Valentine’s Day.
  10. smelled bad when on my dates.
  11. stared at my phone for hours hoping to receive a text from my special one.
  12. wanted to change something about my partner.
  13. fallen in love at first sight.
  14. refused a kiss.
  15. dated someone for more than a year.
  16. drunk-dialed my ex.
  17. kissed someone of the same gender.
  18. been on a blind date.
  19. attended a party in hope of a hook-up.
  20. been broken up with for being immature.
  21. dated someone who was underage.
  22. stalked someone I just met on social media.
  23. hooked up with someone I just met within the first 24 hours.
  24. had a crush on a coworker.
  25. had an open relationship.
  1. paced around the same route in hope of seeing a crush again.
  2. dated my best friend’s ex.
  3. invited a male friend home while I am all alone in the house.
  4. dated someone out of pity.
  5. cheated.
  6. been turned down.
  7. smelled my partner’s clothes.
  8. had to delete any s3xy messages fearing that it will get the attention of my partner.
  9. pretended to love someone.
  10. called someone the wrong name on a date.
  11. brought someone home to meet the parents.
  12. flirted with someone when I knew they were taken.
  13. tried speed dating.
  14. kissed two people in the same day.
  15. lied on the first date.
  16. hooked up with someone I met online.
  17. still been in love with someone after they broke up with me.
  18. stalked an ex’s boyfriend or girlfriend on social media.
  19. fantasized about someone in this room.
  20. been with someone 10 inches or longer.
  21. kissed someone without knowing their name.
  22. kissed on the first date.
  23. gone speed dating.
  24. been friend-zoned.
  25. tried to impress a crush by seeming knowledgeable about things they liked.

Never have I ever for adults
  1. accused a partner of cheating.
  2. had a crush on someone from “full house.”
  3. had a crush I never talked to.
  4. hated a friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend.
  5. worn clothes to hide a hickey.
  6. been married.
  7. regretted dating someone.
  8. gone out of my way to winning my partner’s attention.
  9. thought we should have a baby (or another one).
  10. looked through my girlfriend/boyfriend’s phone without their knowledge.
  11. been dumped.
  12. stalked a secret crush.
  13. liked someone who didn’t like me back.
  14. adopted a child.
  15. had a crush on my boss.
  16. daydreamed about your wedding night.
  17. dated someone just to make someone else jealous.
  18. regretted saying “I love you” to someone.
  19. wanted to be of a different s3x than I am now.
  20. kissed someone with very bad breath.

  1. broken up with someone because of politics or religion.
  2. dated a coworker.
  3. role played with a partner.
  4. kept a partner’s item of clothing so I can sniff it.
  5. had a friend with benefits.
  6. thought the person I was dating wasn’t hot.
  7. sought revenge on an ex.
  8. imagined being married to someone.
  9. been too afraid to break up with someone.
  10. kissed my best friend.
  11. slipped my number to a waiter.
  12. flirted with someone when I was taken.
  13. had flirted with someone to make someone jealous.
  14. dated someone but ended up with their sibling instead.
  15. Facebook-stalked an ex.
  16. thought about someone else in the bedroom.
  17. checked my partner’s messages on their phone.
  18. hooked up with a friend while drunk.
  19. lied about why I didn’t call someone back.
  20. lied about having an emergency to leave a bad date early.
  21. spied on an ex online.
  22. spied on my partner.
  23. fantasied about my best friend’s.

Never have I ever for adults

Never Have I Ever Questions for Adults – Dirty and Love

Never have I ever …

  1. slept with a stranger.
  2. kissed a celebrity.
  3. been in love with my teacher.
  4. been part of the mile-high club.
  5. been caught having s3x.
  6. been with the former love of my best friend.
  7. role played.
  8. lied about someone’s performance in bed.
  9. had s3x in a pool.
  10. repurposed a common household item as a s3x toy.
  11. had a three*some
  12. lied about myself to get laid.
  13. traded s3x for favors.
  14. gone to a spa and got laid.
  15. had s3x in a tent.
  16. gone to a strip club.
  17. seen p*rn during my school days.

  1. tried more than three s3x positions in one session.
  2. slept with someone within an hour of meeting them.
  3. gotten a happy ending.
  4. received or given a foot job.
  5. given oral s3x in a public place.
  6. made love with someone from university.
  7. owned a Kamasutra.
  8. slept with someone more than once with someone else in between.
  9. done it in the sea.
  10. squirted.
  11. thought a friend’s mom was hot.
  12. fantasized about someone else while having s3x with my partner.
  13. slept with my siblings or cousins.
  14. been asked to be in a threesome.
  15. spent a night with someone on the beach.
  16. danced dirty or performed a striptease for someone.
  17. watched a friend doing it with their partner.

  1. fantasized about someone else while dating someone else.
  2. made out with someone in a hot tub.
  3. had a hooker approach me.
  4. made out with all my clothes on.
  5. had s3x with someone 5 years younger than me.
  6. had s3x on a pool table.
  7. had more than one orgasm in a single-s3x session.
  8. said the wrong name during s3x.
  9. googled s3x positions to spice things up.
  10. done it while a family member was in the same room.
  11. done it with someone more than twice my age.
  12. done it in a car.
  13. hired house help to make out with her.
  14. received a noise complaint immediately after s3x.
  15. given money for a one-night stand.
  16. thought a cartoon character was hot.
  17. watched someone masturbate.
  18. had s3x standing up.
  19. had s3x with someone the same day as meeting them.
  20. given or received a lap dance.
  21. had to use lubrication.

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Never have I ever for adults
  1. had s3x with someone I wasn’t attracted to because I wanted to get laid that badly.
  2. slept with someone I wasn’t attracted to.
  3. had more than 10 s3xual partners.
  4. had s3x on a first date.
  5. made out with someone in public.
  6. watched someone have s3x without their permission.
  7. had a pregnancy scare.
  8. finished myself off after s3x because I wasn’t satisfied.
  9. tried a flavored condom.
  10. questioned my s3xuality.
  11. traveled to a foreign country without a packet of condoms.
  12. had phone s3x.
  13. said it is the last time I am masturbating in my life.
  14. done it on my period.
  15. had phone s3x.
  16. had a dirty crush on somebody in this circle.
  17. made out with someone on a pool table.
  18. masturbated in the bath.
  19. s3xted.
  20. had s3x with someone 10 years older than me.

  1. slept with someone from my workplace.
  2. made out with someone of the same s3x.
  3. been a friend wih benefits.
  4. fell asleep during s3x.
  5. cried during s3x.
  6. slept with someone twice my age.
  7. been too tired to have s3x.
  8. had to fake an orgasm.
  9. had s3x in a sleeping bag.
  10. made out while I was drunk/high.
  11. considered becoming a hooker.
  12. received oral s3x in a public place.
  13. purchased a pleasuring toy.
  14. had to ask someone whether or not we’d had s3x because I wasn’t so sure.
  15. had to use lubrication.
  16. kissed someone of the same s3x.
  17. slept with someone because of a dare.
  18. played with a partner’s body more than my own.
  19. used an electric toothbrush to masturbate.

  1. made out in a discotheque.
  2. needed to use three condoms in one day.
  3. done it on a kitchen counter.
  4. had s3x with someone in this room.
  5. given a s3xy massage to a stranger.
  6. had s3x in a bathroom stall.
  7. been involved in an orgy.
  8. been too tired to have s3x.
  9. had a one-night stand.
  10. had s3x in a jacuzzi.
  11. made out under the stars.
  12. paid someone for s3x.
  13. used Viagra.
  14. been upset with a partner for not performing well.
  15. been in love.

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Never have I ever for adults

Never Have I Ever Questions for Adults – Funny

Never have I ever …

  1. lost my swimsuit while swimming.
  2. tasted dog or cat food.
  3. locked my keys in my car.
  4. banana skidded.
  5. had soda come out my nose.
  6. kissed an animal.
  7. got injured using s3x toys.
  8. had an embarrassing hairstyle.
  9. been chased by a dog.
  10. regifted a present.
  11. blamed farts on a pet.
  12. burst out laughing at a really inappropriate time.
  13. belched on a date.
  14. caught someone picking their nose.
  15. posted a drunk status on social media.
  16. stepped in dog poop barefoot.
  17. been pushed into a pool with my clothes on.
  18. secretly eaten something off someone else’s plate.
  19. run into a glass wall.
  20. dropped my phone in the toilet.

  1. missed a high five.
  2. scared someone in the dark.
  3. had a wardrobe malfunction.
  4. been scared of clowns.
  5. shaved my head bald.
  6. licked the fur of my cat.
  7. fallen into a pool.
  8. drooled on my boyfriend/girlfriend in my sleep.
  9. found old food under my bed.
  10. walked around the house naked.
  11. walked straight into a door.
  12. thought of a child as ugly.
  13. forgot my own age.
  14. belched the alphabet.
  15. talked to me out loud.
  16. made any naughty videos.
  17. walked out of a movie because it was terrible.
  18. run out of gas on the highway.
  19. gone into the wrong restroom.
  20. sang a song out loud and messed up the lyrics.

  1. tried a cheesy pick-up line on someone.
  2. fake cried to get what I want.
  3. worn someone else’s underwear.
  4. had to wear the same pair of underwear for more than 3 days.
  5. licked a bar of soap.
  6. pretended to laugh at a joke I didn’t get.
  7. caught anyone watching p*rn.
  8. swapped gum with someone.
  9. eaten food while still standing with the fridge door open.
  10. thought about what type of dog I would be.
  11. gotten scared by a wild animal.
  12. mistaken a man for a woman or vice versa.
  13. cried at a Pixar movie.
  14. done something dumb while camping?
  15. laughed at an inappropriate time.
  16. walked in on someone in the bathroom.
  17. fallen while wearing heels.
  18. had food stuck in my teeth all day.
  19. been afraid to stay alone at home.
  20. fallen asleep in church.

  1. seen someone else naked in person.
  2. tried to look at the sun.
  3. smiled at someone when you realize you weren’t listening to what they were saying.
  4. turned underwear inside out to get more use out of it.
  5. gotten kicked out of the bar.
  6. tried baby food as an older kid.
  7. gotten very drunk playing games like this.
  8. locked myself outside of the house.
  9. walked in on my parents during s3x.
  10. bought a gift from a discount store and put it in a different package to make it look expensive.
  11. secretly wished I were a wizard at Hogwarts.
  12. gotten to the checkout counter and realized I didn’t have my wallet.
  13. hugged someone who actually wanted to shake my hand.
  14. laughed so hard I wet myself.
  15. worn sleepwear as if it were outerwear.
  16. got chewing gum stuck in my hair.
  17. wet the bed after childhood.
  18. taken pictures of my genitals.
  19. stuck gum on someone’s hair.
  20. been chased by a goose.

  1. peed in my bed as an adult.
  2. used a five seconds rule on food that falls to the ground.
  3. worn someone else’s underwear.
  4. pretended to text while secretly taking a million selfies.
  5. fallen asleep in a meeting.
  6. pranked my partner.
  7. caught my parents having s3x.
  8. moaned loudly while having a s3x dream.
  9. laughed at a Donald Trump tweet.
  10. farted and pretended someone else did it.
  11. tried to see how many marshmallows can fit into my mouth.
  12. been locked outside naked.
  13. played a joke on someone by putting pepper in the salt shaker.
  14. had a nightmare about zombies chasing me.
  15. smelled my dirty underpants.
  16. screamed during a scary movie.
  17. licked food off someone.
  18. been thrown up on.
  19. shaved my body hair into a random shape for a laugh.
  20. accidentally sent an inappropriate text message to my mom that was intended for my girlfriend/boyfriend.
  21. grabbed the wrong person’s hand.
  22. wanted to be a superhero.
  23. borrowed something from a neighbor just to be nosey.
  24. pulled a push door.
  25. laughed so hard, that water shot out of my nose.

Never have I ever for adults
  1. licked a coin.
  2. picked my nose and ate it.
  3. wanted to become a stripper or an exotic dancer.
  4. forgotten where I parked my car.
  5. gone “commando”. (no underwear)
  6. gone to church with a hangover.
  7. gone in public without a bra.
  8. gone numb beside a crush.
  9. skipped showering for two days.
  10. laughed so hard you actually cried.
  11. gone without a bath or shower for more than a week.
  12. made up an excuse to leave a boring party early.
  13. “cleaned up” by piling everything into a closet.
  14. rubbed someone else’s toothbrush in something other than toothpaste.
  15. peed in the shower.

  1. scared myself in a mirror.
  2. got hit by a ball in the head.
  3. pretended to speak a foreign language you don’t know.
  4. googled my own name to see what comes up.
  5. wanted to go to Las Vegas after watching The Hangover.
  6. gone without a bath or shower for more than a week.
  7. been mistaken for another person.
  8. dyed my hair and had it turn out terribly.
  9. swum with my clothes on.
  10. needed my GPS while I was walking somewhere.
  11. sneeze farted.
  12. been caught picking my nose.
  13. been shy in the bedroom.
  14. used the opposite s3x toilet.
  15. been caught picking my nose.
  16. forgotten the punchline of a joke.
  17. tried to fart silently, but it ended up being really loud.
  18. eaten something cold because I was too lazy to heat it up.
  19. played on my phone, trying to look like I’m doing something important.
  20. accidentally shat my pants.

  1. gotten drunk to make someone look better.
  2. forgotten a partner’s birthday or anniversary.
  3. spoken to a plant.
  4. tripped in a public place and acted like it was intentionally.
  5. tried watching TV upside down.
  6. pranked by parents.
  7. screamed because of a bug.
  8. watched a horror movie that scared me enough to stay up all night.
  9. listened to the wall while my flat-mate was having s3x.
  10. gotten really drunk on a first date.
  11. run into a sliding door.
  12. dressed as the opposite gender.
  13. gotten trapped alone in a room.
  14. went to the wrong house when I was drunk.
  15. toilet papered someone’s house.
  16. spilled a drink on myself.
  17. smiled at someone when I realized I wasn’t listening to what they were saying.
  18. agreed with something Donald Trump said.
  19. had my bikini knocked off by a wave in the ocean.
  20. called the wrong person, but pretended I meant to call them.

  1. prank a police officer.
  2. put anything other than a cotton swab in my ear.
  3. drank so much I didn’t remember the entire night.
  4. forgotten to flush the toilet.
  5. heated something up in the microwave and then forgot it was in there.
  6. done something silly in public because of the loud music on the headphones.
  7. heard someone else doing it.
  8. farted while making love or kissing a girl/boy.
  9. pulled a door with a push sign.
  10. replied to a text pretending to be someone else.
  11. actually laughed out loud when typing “LOL”.
  12. made a duck face when taking a selfie.
  13. told a joke that no one else found funny.
  14. pretended I was running from zombies while on a run.
  15. accidentally swallowed a bug.
  16. clogged someone else’s toilet.
  17. done something so bad in public that I still cringe when I think about it.
  18. said I am never drinking again.
  19. dressed unusually odd in an event.
  20. walked around with my fly open for a whole day.

  1. dyed my hair a crazy color.
  2. seen my parents naked.
  3. laughed so hard that I found myself unable to stop.
  4. fallen off a boat.
  5. eaten a bug.
  6. accidentally dropped something into the toilet.
  7. dressed as a monster.
  8. fallen asleep at the movies.
  9. fooled around in a car and accidentally honked the horn.
  10. been playful with whipped cream.
  11. bitten my toenails.
  12. messed up when making a speech in front of a lot of people.
  13. eaten food that fell on the floor.
  14. walked around with toilet paper stuck to my shoe.
  15. taken a shot instead of telling the truth.
  16. gotten lost from my family or friends.
  17. recorded video of myself singing or dancing.
  18. fallen down in public because I was drunk.
  19. put my p3nis in a vacuum cleaner.
  20. had a baby spit up on me.
  21. burned a holiday dinner.
  22. felt the presence of “paranormal activity.”
  23. farted in front of someone I liked.
  24. made an embarrassing Tik Tok video.
  25. forgotten how old I am.
  26. been in an embarrassing video that was uploaded on YouTube.
  27. been embarrassed about something I did when I was drunk.
  28. been caught looking at something naughty.
  29. greeted a stranger who I thought was someone else.
  30. used deodorant instead of bathing.
  31. unlocked my phone and then forgot what I wanted to do.
  32. imagined my life as a sitcom and who would play me.
  33. sent a text to the wrong person.
  34. made dumb faces at myself in the bathroom mirror.

Never have I ever for adults

Never Have I Ever Questions for Adults – Foolish

Never have I ever …

  1. defended a lie that has already backfired.
  2. wiped my armpits with a towel instead of showering.
  3. burnt my mouth willingly because I was too hungry to wait.
  4. worn something I ended feeling embarrassed by it.
  5. blabbed someone’s secret.
  6. lied to a teacher.
  7. accidentally sent an inappropriate email to my boss.
  8. shoplifted from a store.
  9. told a lie about something I really didn’t do.
  10. lost my keys.
  11. been involved in road rage.
  12. dyed my hair and regretted it.
  13. challenged an animal to a fight.
  14. said something in public and ended up hating myself for it.
  15. skipped school or work when I wasn’t really sick.
  16. paid late fees on an overdue bill.
  17. felt like I don’t belong somewhere.
  18. driven without wearing a seatbelt.
  19. hired a stripper for a party.
  20. lied to you about how you look.
  21. touched an electric fence.
  22. told a friend’s story and pretended it happened to me.
  23. taken store-bought food to a party but passed it off as my own.
  24. not tipped at a restaurant.
  25. cut someone in line.

  1. blown my nose and looked at what came out.
  2. stolen money from a sibling’s piggy bank.
  3. s3xted the wrong person.
  4. told people a completely untrue story.
  5. drove over a curb.
  6. gotten something stuck in my nose.
  7. wet my pants in public.
  8. eaten what I knew was someone else’s food
  9. made fun of an elderly person.
  10. given someone a fake phone number.
  11. not brushed my teeth for over 48 hours.
  12. faked an illness to stay home from work.
  13. borrowed something I ended up keeping.
  14. put a finger up my butt.
  15. broken something expensive because I was angry.
  16. stuffed my pockets with food from a buffet to take home with me.
  17. lied to impress someone.
  18. snooped through anyone’s phone without them knowing.
  19. started a fight.
  20. gone to a birthday party and not taken a gift.
  21. had a hangover so bad I wanted someone to shoot me.
  22. felt ashamed of my partner.
  23. secretly read someone’s diary.
  24. cheated on a test.
  25. ruined someone else’s vacation.

Never have I ever questions for adults
  1. not gotten my deposit back on a rental.
  2. made money illegally.
  3. cheated on my diet.
  4. forgotten to wash my hands after using the toilet.
  5. arrived somewhere late and had everyone stared at me.
  6. broken a promise.
  7. lied about my age.
  8. gone to a party I wasn’t invited to.
  9. lied to my parents about being hungover.
  10. bought something stolen.
  11. fought in a bar.
  12. crashed a party or wedding.
  13. believed in a conspiracy theory.
  14. missed a school-bus.
  15. smuggled food or candy into a movie theater.
  16. pretended to like wine to look classier.
  17. broken into someone’s house.
  18. had a bad fall because I was walking and texting.
  19. gotten so mad that I threw something through a wall.
  20. used the bathroom and not washed my hands.
  21. had nude photos posted online.
  22. had the urge to taste detergents.
  23. broken something and blamed someone else.
  24. used a fake ID.
  25. followed the wrong person in a crowd.

  1. had a one-night stand unprotected.
  2. texted while driving.
  3. lied playing “Never Have I Ever”.
  4. tried to flee the cops.
  5. pretended to know a stranger.
  6. done something dumb while camping.
  7. been in the back of a police car.
  8. broken something in a store and then walked away from it.
  9. snap chatted while drunk and immediately regretted it the next day.
  10. pretended not to be home when someone rang my doorbell.
  11. broken the law.
  12. lied just to get my way.
  13. purposely given someone the wrong phone number.
  14. had a rebound.
  15. lied in a job interview.
  16. taken something from work.
  17. shared nude pictures.
  18. lost sunglasses that I was already wearing.
  19. held a gun.
  20. faked being sick so I could play video games.
  21. cheated on a board-game.
  22. spied on my neighbors.
  23. picked a scab and eaten it.
  24. stolen money from someone.
  25. pretended to eat food but secretly thrown it away.
  26. been fooling around in a car and accidentally honked the horn.
  27. not voted in an election.
  28. lost a library book.

Never have I ever for adults

Never Have I Ever Questions for Adults – Achievements

Never have I ever …

  1. met a famous person.
  2. changed a car tire.
  3. eaten a whole block of chocolate.
  4. changed a dirty diaper.
  5. fed someone with a spoon.
  6. gotten any artificial body enhancements.
  7. sold my worn panties or socks online.
  8. smoked weed.
  9. taken a shower selfie.
  10. eaten snails.
  11. had a s3xy dream about a celebrity.
  12. made breakfast for someone in bed.
  13. made a prank phone call.
  14. faced my biggest fear.
  15. tried eggs with runny yolks.
  16. taken a shot with no hands.
  17. walked up and kissed a total stranger.
  18. eaten alligator.
  19. eaten more than 3 hot dogs at once.
  20. eaten cold pizza.
  21. tried guessing someone’s password.
  22. written a love letter.
  23. dipped french fries into a milkshake.
  24. used the bathroom in complete darkness.
  25. cried watching a movie.

  1. stolen WiFi from an unsecured network.
  2. Done pictures in underwear.
  3. deep cleaned my house.
  4. blocked someone on social media.
  5. eaten a raw egg.
  6. bought a children’s toy for myself as an adult.
  7. changed my own lightbulbs.
  8. finished a Sudoku puzzle.
  9. been in a video on YouTube.
  10. been a parent.
  11. eaten dog/cat food.
  12. had someone draw a caricature of me.
  13. watched adult videos with a friend.
  14. shotgunned a beer.
  15. baked a cake.
  16. written a book.
  17. stood in line for hours to buy concert tickets.
  18. had a deep-fried candy bar.
  19. been blocked by someone on social media.
  20. snored while taking a nap in public.
  21. been a Secret Santa.
  22. been gifted jewelry.
  23. gotten a tattoo.
  24. cuddled with a teddy bear.
  25. been handcuffed.

Never have I ever questions for adults
  1. eaten a carton of ice cream by myself.
  2. had trouble sleeping after watching a scary movie.
  3. written Santa a letter.
  4. asked someone to send nudes.
  5. stood in line for hours to buy something on sale.
  6. eaten frog legs or some other strange food.
  7. purchased duty-free alcohol while on a cruise.
  8. read a Harry Potter book.
  9. found a cure for hangovers.
  10. used an instant pot.
  11. won money on scratch-off tickets.
  12. considered having plastic surgery.
  13. been the school leader.
  14. gotten a free drink.
  15. worked out at a public gym.
  16. made a mud-cake out of the dirt.
  17. worked in a brothel.
  18. owned a watch.
  19. chatted with someone all night long.
  20. called the police.
  21. been fed strawberries.
  22. stared at myself naked in the mirror.
  23. eaten a whole pizza by myself.
  24. eaten breakfast in bed.

  1. eaten at Taco Bell more than 3 times in a week.
  2. tried peeling dead skin off my feet.
  3. spent hours watching funny videos on youtube.
  4. built a sandcastle.
  5. whistled at someone.
  6. earned money by performing on the street.
  7. eaten pizza for two or more meals in a day.
  8. opened a personal savings account.
  9. belly-flopped in a pool.
  10. stayed awake all night.
  11. had a stranger buy me a drink.
  12. eaten something you aren’t supposed to eat.
  13. chugged a beer in less than 10 seconds.
  14. went crazy during Mardi Gras.
  15. eaten a raw potato.
  16. been inside a library.
  17. held a snake.
  18. cried for absolutely no reason.
  19. been under general anesthesia.
  20. bought clothing online.
  21. bought a children’s toy for myself as an adult.
  22. finished a crossword puzzle.
  23. gotten a piercing other than my ears.

Never have I ever for adults

Never Have I Ever Questions for Adults – Events and Activities

Never have I ever …

  1. gone skiing.
  2. picked up a hitchhiker.
  3. milked a cow.
  4. jumped from a roof.
  5. helped build a campfire.
  6. been on TV.
  7. went on a wine tasting activity.
  8. won an award.
  9. danced in an elevator.
  10. gone on a shopping spree.
  11. gone surfing.
  12. ridden a skateboard.
  13. performed a striptease for someone.
  14. partied during spring break.
  15. given a lap dance.
  16. smoked.
  17. ridden on a motorcycle.
  18. peeked on someone naked or changing clothes.
  19. ridden on a tram.
  20. was hired to be an extra in a movie.
  21. played strip poker.
  22. ridden a unicycle.
  23. been on the radio.
  24. played Dirty Truth or Dare.
  25. hosted a Halloween party.

  1. peeked at someone in the shower.
  2. gone to a professional sporting event.
  3. played Matchmaker.
  4. played Spin the Bottle.
  5. showered with the same s3x.
  6. taken a vacation in the Bahamas.
  7. slept in until after midday.
  8. made a video of myself singing.
  9. cooked a four-course meal.
  10. visited the circus.
  11. sat and cried in the shower.
  12. slept nude.
  13. ridden in a limousine.
  14. went camping in a tent.
  15. scored over 100 while bowling.
  16. slept on the floor.
  17. practiced public speaking in the mirror.
  18. been to a nude beach.
  19. played Candy Crush.
  20. peed in public.
  21. attended a costume party since I became an adult.
  22. driven through an ice storm.
  23. danced like a tribal person.
  24. jumped a fence.
  25. have built a snowman.

Never Have I Ever questions
  1. experienced water skiing.
  2. made a video of myself dancing.
  3. rode an elephant.
  4. gone sailing.
  5. been into a s3x shop.
  6. performed a solo dance in front of a huge crowd.
  7. been to an adult store.
  8. gambled in a casino.
  9. played Bingo.
  10. done a Sudoku puzzle.
  11. sung karaoke in front of people.
  12. slept in regular clothing.
  13. been on stage in front of a crowd.
  14. been to strip club.
  15. skinny-dipped.
  16. seen an elephant in real life.
  17. played Scrabble.
  18. swam naked in someone else’s pool.
  19. visited the white house.
  20. slept on the top bunk bed.
  21. attended a Swingers party.
  22. partied during spring break.
  23. sunbathed topless.
  24. gone rock-climbing.
  25. fired a gun.

  1. seen a UFO.
  2. won a game of scrabble.
  3. held a gun.
  4. been on an airplane.
  5. joined a talent show.
  6. swam naked in a pool.
  7. participated in a drinking competition.
  8. gone on a jet-ski.
  9. recorded a video of myself singing or dancing.
  10. peed in a bottle.
  11. seen a ghost.
  12. played a prank on a friend.
  13. won a contest.
  14. been on a long drive with someone of the other s3x.
  15. eaten food off of someone’s naked body.
  16. watched 50 Shades of Grey.
  17. had a full-body massage.
  18. gone fishing.
  19. done a body shot.
  20. had a surprise party thrown for me.
  21. gone scuba diving.
  22. tried something I saw on Pinterest.
  23. spent the night in the woods.
  24. jumped from an airplane.
  25. jumped out of a plane.
  26. flown in a helicopter.
  27. worn a slutty Halloween costume.
  28. taken part in a talent show.

Never have I ever questions for adults

Never Have I Ever Questions for Adults – Bad

Never have I ever …

  1. been in a fistfight.
  2. had a near-death experience.
  3. been to jail.
  4. walked out of a restaurant without paying.
  5. been depressed.
  6. set the kitchen on fire.
  7. gotten poison ivy from having s3x in nature.
  8. fainted.
  9. gotten seasick.
  10. been slapped in the face.
  11. had an allergic reaction to something I ate.
  12. had a bedroom injury.
  13. gotten fired.
  14. been addicted to illegal drugs.
  15. thrown up from drinking.
  16. needed medical attention due to a foreign object stuck inside my body.
  17. gotten into a fistfight.

  1. been called to the boss’ office.
  2. seen someone die.
  3. drove drunk.
  4. injured myself while trying to impress someone I was interested in.
  5. seen a dead body.
  6. given someone a black eye.
  7. gotten carsick.
  8. gotten seasick.
  9. thrown up after an amusement ride.
  10. had to get stitches.
  11. damaged someone’s car out of anger.
  12. stolen flowers from a grave.
  13. punched someone in the face.
  14. failed a class.
  15. puked in a cab/taxi.
  16. broken a piece of furniture by sitting on it.
  17. gotten my license taken away by the police.
  18. gotten physically hit.

Never have I ever for adults
  1. thrown up because someone else threw up.
  2. threw something when I was angry and broke it.
  3. been in an ambulance.
  4. spent a night in the “drunk tank.”
  5. been stuck in an elevator.
  6. texted while driving.
  7. spent a night in the hospital.
  8. kicked a pigeon.
  9. had a foreign object stuck in me.
  10. been arrested.
  11. shoplifted.
  12. been a bully.
  13. been blackmailed.
  14. been in a car accident.
  15. been in the hospital for a serious illness.
  16. caused a car accident because I was using my cell phone at the time.
  17. been hated by my partner’s parents.

  1. gotten stitches.
  2. killed a snail.
  3. been to the emergency room.
  4. stolen money from someone.
  5. injured myself while drunk.
  6. fallen down the stairs.
  7. got a speeding ticket.
  8. set my or someone else’s hair on fire on purpose.
  9. peed in the pool.
  10. made someone cry.
  11. had food poisoning.
  12. broken a bone.
  13. accidentally started a fire.
  14. totaled my car in an accident.
  15. made myself vomit after eating to lose weight.
  16. been to the emergency room because of alcohol/drugs.
  17. crashed a car.
  18. been bullied.

How to play „Never have I ever“ game?

There are several versions of the game but the rules are very simple:

A) Points version (fingers version)

  1. Everyone starts with 10 points. The original version was played with hand fingers. Each finger means one remaining point.
  2. One person starts and says „Never have I ever…“ and something he or she has never done. For example: „Never have I ever dated more than one person at once.“
  3. Everyone, who dated more than one person, loses a point (one finger).
  4. The next person continues and says something they haven’t done.
  5. If you don’t have any points (fingers), you are out of the game.
  6. The last person left in the game wins.
  7. If only one person has done the statement, they can tell the story, how that happened.

B) Drinking version

  1. The rules are the same as in the points version, the only difference is that if you have done the statement, you have to take a shot.
  2. If nobody has done the statement, the person, who said that has to drink.
  3. The drinking version usually doesn’t have a winner. The game usually ends when all players are drunk.

C) Candy version (for kids)

  1. Everyone gets 10 pieces of candy.
  2. If you have done the statement, you have to eat one piece of candy.
  3. After you eat all your candy, you are out of the game.

D) Right or wrong version

  1. Every round, one person reads out loud one „Never have I ever…“ statement.
  2. The other players say in a turn, whether they think the statement is true or not.
  3. The reader says if they have done that or not.
  4. The players who guessed right get one point.
  5. It’s good to have a pen and paper to write down the points.

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