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9 Easy Tips to Make You Wake Up Early in the Morning

Are you a morning person? Well, I am.

I love to work on early mornings. Before kids, I was not an early morning riser. Once my dear kids came into my life, it became very difficult to work much during the day time. My attention is always glued to them. I struggled a lot to make progress in my work. So I experimented to get up early and start doing things which was very hard to crack during the day time along with my kids.

Now I can say, it was one of the best habit I cultivated to increase my productivity. Nothing can beat the serenity and stillness that prevails in the early morning. So any task that needs my full focus and dedication will be done only on the early mornings now.

Once I started to wake up early in the morning, in order to keep me alert and more energetic I started to develop morning routines. It helps me to avoid unnecessary decision making and focus on important tasks without a delay.

To me, there are three important benefits by walking up early in the morning.

Increased productivity:

Once I started to focus on important tasks at the morning itself and get them done quickly, I escape from the clutch of procrastination. As I always work on hardest task on the morning, I don’t hesitate to finish the rest of the easier tasks later on the day. Early morning rising has increased my productivity to a greater extent.

Fewer Distractions:

All working parent can understand how difficult it is to focus on a task with two little kiddos trying to grab your attention all the time. Mainly to overcome distraction, I started to wake up early.  Once I managed to wake up an hour earlier before my kids, I started to finish off attention demanding tasks with ease because of fewer distractions. Early mornings are free of noise and clutter. It is the best time to work on creative projects compared to late nights as our energy will be at peak during the mornings.

Sets the Mood:

In my morning routines, I have already discussed about how getting up early and doing the hard tasks sets the mood for my day. Once the mood is set, my confidence will be at its peak, and then it is very easy to get through the rest of the tasks I plan for the day. A day well start will never go wrong for me.

Tips to get up early in the morning

Are you finding difficult to wake up early in the morning? Then please read the below tips. These are some of the ideas and tips I followed when I tried to wake up early.

Wake up few minutes earlier

As soon as I decided to wake up early, I just started practicing to wake up 15 minutes earlier than my usual waking up time. Then slowly I increased my time to wake up 30 minutes earlier and then finally to an hour. It will take a lot of effort for our mind and body to accommodate a change.

So instead of scaring yourself with 1 or 2 hour early alarms, start with few minutes earlier wake up call. Once your mind gets used to that new time, then increase it further. The idea here is to start small and stick to the habit instead of stopping your alarm and go back to bed.

Sleep early

This is one of the most known tips. If you like to get up early in the morning, then you need to go to sleep early the day before. Our body needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep to function normally. So if you plan to wake up at 5.00 A.M in the morning, go to sleep by 10:00 P.M the night before.

Watch out what you eat

To sleep properly throughout the night, always eat proper food before going to bed.  Finish off your dinner at least 2 to 3 hour prior going to bed. If you feel hungry after having early dinner, then to control huger eat easily digestible food before going to bed like fruits or juice etc.

Divert your mind to positivity

Before sleeping I always try to read a good book. This way I divert my mind from daily mundane life problems and focus on positivity. When I go to bed with the same positivity, my subconscious mind would observe those positive thoughts well and would make me feel good the next day.


Before going to bed, I think about my goals and then visualize on what would happen to my life once I attain this goals. These pictures will be ingrained in my mind throughout my sleep. Hence as soon as I wake up my mind will try to recollect those pictures, which will help me to stop that alarm and make me to right away jump off the bed to work.

Keep the alarm away

Another easy tip is to keep the alarm away. So once you hear the wake up call, it should not be in your hand’s reach. Walk a considerable distance before you switch off the alarm. In this case, your sleep will be disturbed and you will find it easy to wake up.


Rewards always boost me up. I have formed many habits by rewarding and encouraging myself. So next time tell yourself that if you wake up tomorrow early then you are going to reward yourself with something that you always wish to do like buying some stuff, going out, meeting friends etc.

Do the thing you love the most

I started to wake up early to do my hardest tasks. However it won’t be practical for many. Waking up early itself a big challenge and while you struggle at it, if your mind thinks of doing hardest task you might be easily put off and will end up in procrastinating more. In that case, plan your day to do the tasks which you love the most in the morning. This will make you to wake up early.

Stick a note

Stick a note next to your clock on what are all the benefits you will attain by waking up early instead of switching off the alarm. This will help you to recollect why you wanted to wake up early. Once you see the advantages of it, you will exercise your will power and would stop going back to bed.

In spite of the above, there are days where you don’t feel to wake up at all. That is perfectly fine. I too do it. I don’t wake up early on the weekends. Even on some weekdays, if I feel I lack rest, I don’t bother myself to wake up. So ultimately it all comes down on how you feel on that day.

Listen to your body and take it slow. All are not early morning birds. Some people work on late night too. If you are productive during nights, then stick to it. What works for a person may not work for others. But if you simply procrastinate and avoid waking up early, then it’s time to implement the above tips.


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