A walk through the city of Glasgow - Status for whatsapp

A walk through the city of Glasgow

Are you planning a trip to Scotland? You know what’s the best decision you can make? Halt at Glasgow!

Glasgow, one of the most vibrant and modern cities in the United Kingdom, will undoubtedly appeal to you. It has even been named „The City of Culture,“ „City of Architecture and Design,“ and „City of Sport“ in recent years.

To help you in planning your visit, we’ve put together this list of the top 5 places to visit in Glasgow, packed with all sites of interest and must-see attractions.

Let’s begin!

George square

In the heart of Glasgow’s historic Victorian city centre, the flower-bedecked George Square is home to 12 sculptures of renowned personalities associated with the city, including Robbie Burns, Walter Scott, and Queen Victoria. The Town Hall, with its 230-foot tower constructed in 1890, dominates the east end of the plaza, while the Merchants‘ House is the home of Britain’s oldest Chamber of Commerce, formed in 1605. This is particularly a buzz among the students living in student accommodations in Glasgow!

Merchant district

A group of mid-nineteenth-century warehouses and The Italian Centre are part of the city’s popular Merchant City quarter, which offers unique cafés, restaurants, and designer boutiques south of George Square. The area is especially appealing in the winter when an outstanding display of Christmas lights dazzles families and visitors, along with students residing in student housing in Glasgow.

Glasgow Cathedral

Glasgow Cathedral, perched on a hill in the city’s East End neighbourhood, is the city’s most famous landmark.

This enormous Gothic Cathedral, also known as St Mungo’s Cathedral or Glasgow High Kirk, was erected in the 12th and 13th centuries and will undoubtedly impress you!

Inside, view the stained glass windows and visit the crypt, which houses the tomb of St Mungo, the city’s patron saint.

Kelvingrove art museum

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, one of Scotland’s most significant museums, is the place to go if you only have time to see one museum in Glasgow.

It is free to enter and is located in Kelvingrove Park.

There is a humoungous collection of paintings, sculptures, Art Nouveau artefacts, and furniture at this museum. There are 22 subject galleries in total, ranging from natural history to mediaeval weapons. There’s a little bit of everything here!

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is extremely well-designed and instructive, making it an excellent choice for a family adventure if you’re visiting Glasgow with children.

A vibrant blend of cultures is housed in a stunning structure that is equally gorgeous on the outside as it is on the inside.

Glasgow green

Glasgow Green is a big public park in Glasgow, located near the city centre on the north bank of the River Clyde.

Glasgow Green is the city’s oldest park, dating back to the 15th century. It was here that the first football matches were held in the nineteenth century!

It’s a lovely spot for a stroll, a rest, and seeing the park’s stunning statues and monuments. You may even go to piper concerts in the summer.

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