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Amazing Things for Students to Do in Prague

Prague is an ideal city for students since it offers low living expenses, affordable Student accommodation, historic landscapes, plenty of part-time employment opportunities, excellent beer, and lively culture.

There is never a time when you are bored. The actual problem is deciding how you want to spend your leisure time.

Prague, being the country’s historical and cultural capital, will cater to whatever educational or recreational needs you may have. Even better, nearly every institution and its affiliated colleges are located in the city’s heart, conveniently accessible from all directions.

So we have compiled a list of amazing things you can do as a student in Prague.

1) Lennon Wall

If you’re a Beatles lover, it’s worth navigating a maze of cobblestone lanes to reach this graffiti-covered memorial to John Lennon.

The wall, however, is not just dedicated to music.

It has previously been considered a symbol of Czech youth resistance against Gustáv Husák’s communist dictatorship, which outlawed pop music.

It may be tough to discern political statements among the jumble of graffiti that adorns the wall, but if you’re in the neighbourhood, it’s worth a gander.

2) Visit the Old Town

The historic centre of Prague is known as the Old Town. Many people believe it to be the city’s most stunning and attractive area.

You’ll discover the Old Town Square here, with the Astronomical Clock, Gothic cathedrals, concert venues, and party nightclubs.

One of Prague’s most well-known tourist sights is the Astronomical Clock. It’s one of the most visited site of exchange students from University of Oxford to University of Cambridge.

It’s smack in the heart of the Old Town Square, and it offers an hourly presentation of clock parts and statistics. It is easily visible for free by having to stand in Old Town Square.

Josefov is the Jewish Quarter. This area dates back to the 10th century and has survived the Nazi occupation relatively unscathed.

There are six antique synagogues to see, as well as an intriguing cemetery.

3) Climb Petrin Hill

Visit Petrin Hill Park as the sun sets for some of Prague’s greatest sights.

The Hill is 318 metres (1043 feet) tall, and the trek to the summit is quite challenging.

If you choose to climb, you’ll pass through some well-groomed gardens and exquisite orchards on your route to the top.

A stunning panoramic view of Prague can be found at the top of a mountain, and it is the ideal spot to experience the sunset or see all of the city lights dazzling the capital.

4) Listen to the music in Wallenstein Garden

Jazz and brass bands, classical musicians, and singers perform in Wallenstein Garden.

During the summertime, public performances are typically held on Thursdays and Saturdays. Around 5:30 p.m., the evening festivities begin.

A renowned general erected the gardens and mansion as his estate. The Czech Senate meets at the palace today to do work.

The grounds are lovely and worth visiting beforehand or afterwards the concerts.

5) Take a cruise on the river Vltava

The waterways encircling the old city, dubbed „Prague Venice,“ are a must-see for everyone exploring Prague.

Embark on a boat cruise that takes you beneath the Charles Bridge and past Prague Castle.

On a warm spring day, a day on the Vltava is among the greatest things to do in Prague.

6) If you can; walk down the ‘Narrow Street’

Malá Strana, commonly known as „Little Corner,“ is one of the oldest remaining neighbourhoods and one of the best locations to visit in Prague.

Most visitors come to appreciate the lovely streetscapes with pastel facades and lively plazas, but few understand it also has a crowning achievement that you could overlook.

The 10-meter section between two houses in Vinárna certovka is just around 20 inches wide, making it one of the world’s narrowest passages.

After being informed of its prominence, traffic lights were put on either end to alert people if anybody else was travelling through, as walking through at the same time is extremely difficult.

7) Visit Prague Castle’s grounds.

Prague Castle, which dates from 870 AD and previously served as the seat of the old Czech Kings, is a renowned travel destination that overlooks the surrounding landscape.

The castle gardens and part of the grounds are free to visit, and there are regular events and performances taking place on the premises.

So when you take a stroll around the city from your student housing in Prague, don’t forget to visit this beautiful piece of architecture.

8) Pay a visit to the Church of Our Lady Before Tyn

The magnificent Church of Our Lady Before Tyn is one of the most prominent elements in Old Town Square.

With its twin spires, this Gothic-style cathedral is immediately identifiable; yet, the interior is dominated by a Baroque design.

This cathedral was also said to be the basis for Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle.


While living overseas in Prague, the people you will meet, the skills you acquire, the culture you encounter, the cuisine you consume, and even the beer you sip will transform your viewpoint and provide you with experiences that will last a lifetime.

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