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Amazings Things for Students to Do in Brno

Brno is already firmly on the map of European city breaks as the capital of Moravia, one of the ancient Czech regions alongside Bohemia and Czech Silesia. Brno has gained romantic nicknames such as „Little Vienna“ and the „Hidden Heart of Europe“ for its neo-Renaissance architecture, storybook-worthy castles, and the lovely Brno Lake. The city’s slogan, „Live It Up in Brno,“ is frequently used in jest.

Below is a curated list consisting of the best places to visit in Brno, Czech Republic.

See the spring in a pasqueflower meadow.

Every spring, a natural reserve in the quarter Kamenn vrch blooms with gorgeous purple pasqueflowers. There is also a lovely view of the city from this vantage point. What better spot to take a picnic in the springtime?

Sample wine at Veveří Castle

Veveri Castle, with its forest-shrouded towers visible from the lake, is one of the Czech Republic’s largest and oldest castles. It was probably erected 800 years ago as a hunting lodge or farmstead for Moravian margraves – one of the Bohemian Crown’s Lands. Explore the courtyards, take a tour of the restored apartments with frescoes and weapons, or visit the 15th-century wine cellar to drink wines from the best Czech vineyards.

Take a steamboat at Brno lake.

Brno Lake, which is a reservoir on the Svratka River to the northwest of the city, is a focus of activity during the summer. Relax on the beaches, canoe across the 3km body of water, or bike and hike around the perimeter with the residents. Veve Castle, which stands on the rocky beach at the city’s opposite end, is a crucial stop-off for a fleet of steamboats that chug between key spots.

Venture into Špilberk Castle

King Pemysl Otakar II built this vast castle in the mid-13th century. It later became a prison for criminals and political prisoners from all across the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The poet Silvio Pellico, Czech bandit Václav Babinski, and members of the Italian Carbonari – a 19th-century secret revolutionary movement – are among those imprisoned here. Today, the City Museum allows visitors to explore the evocative vaulted halls and learn about Brno’s history.

Go to the Cathedral of St Peter and Pau

The medieval spires of St Peter and Paul Cathedral, which dominate the city from the summit of Petrov Hill, are so distinctive that they are embossed on Czech coinage. The enormous interior was created in the 18th century, during the renovation of the historic cathedral after a Swedish siege of the city. The bells sound at 11 a.m. instead of noon in remembrance of a ruse perpetrated on the Swedish army, which was listening for the midday bells.

Walk around Park Lužánky

Lužánky, Brno’s largest and oldest park, was established in the 18th century by Emperor Joseph II, ruler of the Habsburg realms. A wooden bridge spanning a constructed river, a stone-cherub fountain, and a neo-Renaissance building – which was, less romantically, originally a casino – are among the lovely elements. There are plenty of playgrounds and arcades for students who are residing in student housing in Czechia, as well as a pig enclosure where you can get lucky and meet a piglet litter.

Try a kebab next to the Fléda club.

The time is two o’clock in the morning. Where can you obtain a satisfying meal? Many shops sell fried cheese in a bun, but a Turkish kebab from the open-round-the-clock takeaway next to Fléda is hard to match. Serve it with pita, noodles, or rice, and watch your taste buds explode!

Sample pho at the market in Olomoucká street

The Vietnamese community in Brno frequents the market on Olomoucká street. You can get top-notch rice and traditional Vietnamese cuisine here. Travelers believe this is the greatest destination in the Czech Republic to try the best pho.

Get to see modern architecture at Villa Tugendhat.

Villa Tugendhat is a symbol of functionalist style and a Unesco World Cultural Heritage site. It was one of the first prototypes of contemporary European architecture. It was constructed of reinforced concrete between 1928 and 1930 and is such a popular attraction that tickets are frequently sold out two months in advance. Only guided tours are permitted; you will hear about the free-standing, three-story villa’s extraordinary history, including its confiscation by the Gestapo in 1939.

See the square of Náměstí Svobody

The center of Brno is formed by pastel-colored neo-Renaissance structures that face each other across the vast Námst Svobody square. Join the locals for a cup of tea in the morning, a Czech beer in the afternoon, or a glass of Moravian wine in the evening at an outdoor cafe. The smooth, black-stone monument in the center is typically the brunt of jokes, but it is actually a working clock that releases a glass marble every day at 11 a.m. that can be caught and kept via one of four apertures.

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