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Becoming a Digital Nomad in 2022: 5 Tips To Get Started

Thanks to the advent of remote work and today’s affordability of travel, more and more people are becoming interested in the digital nomad lifestyle. While in 2018 there were only 4.8 million digital nomads, in 2021, this number grew to 35 million. 

As this movement continues to grow and expand, many countries are responding with suitable digital nomad visas, co-living options, and co-working alternatives. 

However, if you are thinking about becoming a digital nomad in 2022 and changing your lifestyle, there is a little more that you should know. Get started with this easy guide. 

Understand Your Income Streams and Finances

In the past, digital nomads were mostly developers and designers. However, today, the list of jobs you could do while on the road are nearly endless. And, you can even pursue your career and passions by:

  • Becoming a volunteer and taking part in the local culture
  • Starting your own remote business or launching a start-up
  • Becoming a remote employee and continue doing your job from anywhere

Most employers today allow for remote work possibilities. However, some of the most common types of jobs for digital nomads are developer, copywriter,  language teacher, SEO expert, photographer, or even influencer.

Invest in the Right Tech

No matter whether you are volunteering, working as a remote employee, or you have launched your own business, your livelihood will mostly rely on your digital devices. So, if there is something you really shouldn’t skimp on is a high-quality laptop and smartphone, alongside specific tools such as cameras, drones, action cameras, and microphones. 

Also, don’t forget that things might go wrong, especially when living in a foreign country you don’t know so well. So, make sure to have professional support to help you fix unexpected issues and prevent what are said to be the most common problems with your hardware. And, don’t forget to ensure your most valuable devices!

Learn More About Your Destination Country

Before leaving your home country it is essential to learn about your destination. Especially today, you should keep in mind that the situation can change rapidly, and you should be aware of any risk that you might run when there. 

Make sure to check a trusted travel website, alongside your government’s website to understand the level of risk. You should also consider speaking with digital nomads that are already there and connecting with local communities.

Find Accommodation Before Getting There

The life of a digital nomad can be spontaneous and carefree – but it should also be organised and well-planned. Not booking your accommodation in advance might mean that you’ll find yourself with fewer choices. 

Plus, when getting to your destination country, you might be tired and not have access to the internet. This can make things worse and cause you to settle for low-quality accommodation with patchy WiFi – which can hurt your professional reputation!

Check for Communities and Co-Working Spaces

In 2022, there are nearly 29,000 coworking spaces around the world – and the number is set to grow to over 41,000 in the next two years! As you can see, your options aren’t limited. Just make sure to find the right one for your career and lifestyle goals!


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