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Benefits of Flying Private in South Africa

While many believe that flying a private jet can be too expensive, there are dozens of benefits to doing it. Whether you fly by yourself, with your friends, or with colleagues, flying private is substantially better than flying commercial.

Private flights are quicker, more flexible, and much more comfortable. Not only that, you can impress potential clients and work from your office in the sky. Here are 10 benefits to flying a private jet in South Africa.

More Airport Options

One of the biggest benefits of flying private is the number of airports and airstrips you can land at. Unlike a commercial flight, a private jet only requires a functioning runway and no infrastructure such as boarding tunnels, lifts, terminals, etc. This is particularly helpful since South Africa is full of airports and smaller airstrips.

No Long Delays

Delays are the bane of flying. You can get delayed at check-in, at the boarding gate, on the flight, or all three. You then also have to wait for your baggage on the other side, which could take anything from 5 minutes up to an hour.

These delays don’t happen on private jets. Considering private jets have their own terminals, and you collect your baggage off the jet directly, you are able to walk from your car right onto the plane, almost without stopping.

Flexible Schedule

When you fly a private jet, you have almost complete control of when you take off. As long as there is an available pilot, you can arrive and depart whenever you want. This flexibility means you will still get to your destination no matter what happens beforehand.

Office in the Sky

Cross-country and cross-continent business travel is nothing new, with many people taking two or three-day long international business trips multiple times a month. However, if you are only going for a short time, sometimes only a few hours, you want to maximize each minute.

A private jet has everything you need to work while you fly. Almost every flight will have WiFi, you have more than enough space for your computer, and you can easily hold meetings and business calls 30,000 feet in the sky.

Impress Your Clients

Speaking of business, if you are looking to land a big client, what better way to do it than by private jet? While it sounds surface level, a private jet shows you are serious and even trustworthy. Once again, it is also a great way to hold important meetings and get deals over the line.

Perfect for Emergency Flights

Whether it be personal or business, there might be a time when you will need to make an emergency trip, either to see a family member or secure a deal. Private jets can be booked in a matter of minutes, and you can arrive at the airport and take off shortly after.

While this is certainly a luxury, it is great for businesses as they are able to send representatives somewhere at a moment’s notice, for whatever reason.


First Class and luxury travel compartments may be one of the best ways to travel, but they just can’t beat the comfort of a private jet. These aircraft have a dozen or so seats, ample leg room, office and lounge areas, full bathrooms, and some even have bedrooms.

A private jet is like an apartment in the sky and has all the amenities to prove it. You are also able to have a fully stocked kitchen, as well as have world-class meals prepared and stored on board.

Fewer Baggage Restrictions

One of the biggest problems when traveling, especially domestically, is baggage limitations. Some airlines will allow you to have one checked bag and one carry-on, while some will only allow one or the other. Not to mention if you want to take something more unusual like a surfboard, there are then a whole lot of restrictions and processes you have to go through.

However, there are barely any baggage restrictions on a private jet. You can take a lot more luggage, and you can take many more unusual items. This is great for a business that needs to transport a prototype of something they created or a selection of products that they are selling.

Access to Additional Services

Finally, when you use a private jet company, you will often have access to additional features that an airport or regular airline doesn’t offer. Car services are very common, allowing you to get to and from the airport and hotel without having to book them yourself.

Before your flight, you have access to a private lounge and work area. You are able to have meals, snacks, and drinks, do work, and some even have full-service bathrooms where you can shower.

Many private jet companies are full-service companies, meaning you often get far more than just your incredible flight.


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