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Best places to visit in Bali, the most enigmatic island in Indonesia

When one thinks of what to make in Bali, many people want to spend the time in an idyllic beach under the palms while they observe the turquoise waters bathing the white sand. But in reality, Bali offers much to see and do away from the coast. The so-called „Island of the Gods“ awaits you with its incredible temples, impressive volcanoes, beautiful rice fields and villages with a unique magic and charm. If you want your trip to be flawless, don’t forget to take out your international medical insurance before you leave. You should also look for the best areas in Bali to stay, so you will be able to face any possibility that may arise in this great little paradise.

Sunrise at Mount Batur

A great way to experience everything Bali has to offer is to enjoy an epic sunrise with a good Madrugón. Mount Batur is the perfect place to host hundreds of daily travelers looking for infarct landscapes. The last eruption was recorded in 1965, and this titan is still active and is considered one of the holiest places in Bali. It is best to go to bed early the night before, as the climb to enjoy the sunrise usually starts between 02:00 and 03:00 at dawn, and it takes you 2 to 3 hours to reach the height of 1700 meters. Although there is no legal requirement to do so at the guide’s Accompanied climbing, but in recent years these have all been put together in such a way that it is almost impossible without a guide.

Walk through the sacred forest of the monkeys

Very near the town of Ubud is another place that many people want to see in Bali, the Forest of the Monkeys. It is a natural reserve of almost 30 hectares where you will find winding paths that will take you to beautiful temples, unique examples of Balinese architecture and a great cemetery full of statues and demonic figures. You must be wondering why it is called the Monkey Forest, because there lives a community of more than 300 macaques that guard the place. You will see them jumping between more than 100 trees, climbing temples and walking among tombs. The most important thing is to try not to interact with them and ignore them as much as possible, these monkeys tend to be very aggressive with the visitors.

Satisfy your appetite and go eat at Canggu

Depending on the time you take on your travel route through Indonesia your kitchen may not convince you and you need to do at rest. If there’s anywhere to do that in Bali, it’s in Canggu. In recent years different restaurants and cafes have appeared in this area of Bali that opt for a modern fusion between traditional Indonesian cuisine and Western cuisine. Therefore, here you can taste the main dishes of the country with vegan variants, without spices, gluten-free or with nods to Mediterranean cuisine. In addition, you will find countless cafes and fresh restaurants in which, in addition to an incredible flavor, you can take an incredibly healthy dish and presented in a particularly attractive way.

Stay in Ubud and travel from this town

If you do not feel like going with luggage up and down and changing several times accommodation in Bali, a very good place to stay on the island can be Ubud. This town is located in the heart of Bali and allows you to easily reach many of the main things to see and do.  In Ubud you will not get bored, as you have at your fingertips endless plans such as visiting the Royal Palace (Puri Dalem Temple), the Saraswati Temple, visiting the Pasar Seni market and buying some of its typical spices, visiting museums such as the Erotic Museum or the Agung Rai Art Museum, enjoy a pleasant Balinese massage in one of its different spas, witness the traditional Kecak dance with its fires and rhythms, or get lost in one of its amazing rice terraces.


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