Bring these shabby chic dining chair ideas home from your US visit - Status for whatsapp

Bring these shabby chic dining chair ideas home from your US visit

While the more minimalist interior design styles like industrial and midcentury modern are most popular in the US, Europeans are still fascinated by shabby chick interior design, furniture, and décor. There are a lot of ways that you can incorporate vintage-inspired high-quality dining chairs into every cozy room in your home.

There are a lot of ways you could use a dining chair in other rooms. Of course, you should have a matched or complementary set of dining chairs and a dining table that meets the style of the home and the needs of the dining area. If you have an open floorplan with a great room, you can also use additional chairs from the dining set throughout the rest of the space to act as one way of tying the open space together while still creating distinct areas. 

If you have a business trip or vacation to the US in the near future, you should try to make your accommodations at a bed and breakfast to get the best in-person experience with the shabby chic style. These cozy inns are perfect examples of using vintage pieces in new ways to create a homey shabby chic aesthetic.

Here are a few of the ideas for dining chairs in your shabby chic home used by many B&Bs and country inns across the US. Unfortunately, the kindly innkeeper is not available to return home with you, but you can surely enjoy their company while you are there.

Bedroom dressing chair

A bedroom dressing chair is a great way to add some stylish seating to an otherwise sparse bedroom. Size is rarely an issue when you are designing a child’s bedroom or guest room, but if you are already working with a small space it makes sense to make use of multifunctional pieces – like a dressing chair. Cover the chair with some gingham, lace, or other vintage fabrics to fit into the bedroom atmosphere.

Part of an alternative to bedroom vanity with chair or bench

The bedroom you are designing may not offer much space for a true vintage vanity, but you can make your own shabby chic version that takes up little area. Decorate a high quality dining room chair in the shabby chic style that best matches the other bedroom décor, and pair it with a weathered antiqued white console table. Get a similar or matching wall mirror to complete the look.

Bathroom settee

If you have a large bathroom to work with, a spare shabby chic dining chair is an opportunity for some creativity. Similar to the idea for a bedroom vanity above, pair the dining chair with a slim console table so that you have a place to sit when dressing or otherwise preparing the day, work, or for bed. If you already have a large mirror available over your vanity sink, placing one over the console table likely isn’t necessary.

For more examples of shabby chic furniture from the states, check out popular travel magazines for photo spreads of small, cozy inns across America.


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