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Czech Republic Scholarships for International Students 2021

Studying abroad has become a common practice for students from different countries. Why would you choose another country to get the degree? There are a couple of reasons why students choose to leave their own country for study purposes: 

  • In many cases, studying abroad can give you better career opportunities. When you choose another country for your studies, you do it on purpose. The level of education or the real career opportunities could put you in a more winning situation. 
  • Not only education, but the career market can be broader overseas. If you see no perspectives in your own country and want to try yourself in a more relevant environment, you should go abroad and find studying opportunities there. 
  • If it’s your second degree, you may want to travel to the country for other reasons, too. Education is a must, but another culture, new people and the experience can make you visit another place, too. 

You may find different reasons why students leave their hometown to study in a completely new place. What are the most popular countries to visit? These are usually places with the greatest historical achievements. And the Czech Republic is one of them. We consulted a team of professional essay writers from an academic writing service to share their knowledge. In the following article you will learn how a regular foreign student can enter the university and get a scholarship for studying. 

Czech Republic Scholarship Opportunities for Foreigners 

Why is the country so popular when it comes to education for foreigners? If you look up the stats, you will see a huge number of foreign students getting their degrees in Czech universities. There is one particular reason for such a boom. The tendency is explained by the fact that education in the Czech language is free. 

This is great news because you have the chance to study without any expenses. However, this method has its drawbacks. If you apply for a very complicated discipline, such as medicine, psychology, or hard science subjects, studying in the Czech language will be a complete nightmare for you. 

There are so many new words, terminology, and a whole new grammar system. If you master the language before you enter the university, it could be your option. But not all the students are ready to work hard on the language to understand the tiniest details. Proficiency in the language determines the whole education performance. For this reason, it’s better to consider the English language variants, too. 

There are high-quality English courses in the universities. But the only thing is that you have to pay for them. And the fees aren’t always affordable to everyone. Medicine is great in the Czech Republic. Lots of scientists joined the move and contributed to the medical system of the country. So, medical faculties cost a lot because they’re in demand. If you aren’t ready to pay the whole sum to cover your education fees, it’s time to figure out the scholarship opportunities. 

1) Scholarship for Developing Countries 

The government of the country offers great options to students from developing countries. How should you apply for the program? On the website, there’s a list of countries that fit the criteria. You can choose either master’s or doctoral programs There’s a chance to choose between the English or Czech language. If you choose the first option, you should acknowledge your skills and proficiency in the English language by passing the test. When choosing the Czech language, you should undergo an extra program for foreign students. 

What should you know about the program? If you apply for the grant, you can’t get the job during the whole semester. It can’t be either a full or part-time job. And you are obliged to get back home when the term is over. These are the rules to be accepted. 

2) Visegrad Fund Scholarship 

If you go to the Visegrad group of countries, you can apply for this type of grant. What are these countries? Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary create the Visegrad group. If you come for the education in these countries, you can study and improve your academic performance here. The government of the receiving country offers a decent scholarship for foreign students. You won’t be charged an additional fee from the college or university. 

3) Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports Scholarship 

Let’s finish this list with another very popular scholarship opportunity for students from abroad. This is a great opportunity for inter-exchange students. There’s a list of countries who can take part in this activity. If you come from one of these countries, make sure to try yourself here. The government will give you the necessary scholarship to manage your studies in a foreign country. 

This program is quite successful because you can stay for a long time in the university. In some cases, your education period can last for about 10 months. And you can also re-apply for another study, or even try yourself in the same university again. 

Final Thoughts 

Studying abroad has a lot of opportunities. You should not deny the chance to try yourself overseas. It can give you a wide range of options. A degree from a foreign university opens your doors to so many interesting career undertakings. If you don’t want to overpay, you should look for relevant scholarships. These are the top 3 working options you should try. Check out the information on the official websites and try your luck here. Let’s start a new period in your life!


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