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Healthy Morning Routines and how it improved My Productivity!

Today I like to share about power of morning routines. Do you believe in morning routines? I am a great believer of it. And these routines have tremendously improved my life in every aspect.

Imagine a person who wakes up at 5:30 A.M in the morning, then does the below.

  • He brushes teeth.
  • Drinks a glass of water.
  • Completes morning exercise.
  • Takes the shower.
  • Eats the protein rich breakfast.
  • Get ready for work with tons of energy.

Imagine Person B who wakes up 9.00 A.M in the morning, then does the below.

  • He checks his mobile.
  • He replies to whatsapp messages.
  • He browses through facebook statues/emails
  • And find himself starting late to office.

These two examples can help you understand how routines make a great difference in a person’s life. Morning routine has great benefits and I like to share a few of it with you.


Science states we all have only finite amount of willpower. So every day we need to be careful to use that willpower to work on the tasks that are hard enough and not to waste it on mundane tasks.

If a person wakes up in the morning and uses his will power to make insignificant decisions on how to avoid browsing Whatsapp messages/Facebook ..etc, then he might be drained soon and will have no power to control his urge to eat a chocolate cake later in the evening and would bust his diet plan.

Instead if a person has stable and energetic routines in the morning, it would help him save his energy on decision making and that willpower can later be used to handle tough tasks.

Feeling Good:

It is very obvious from the two examples above on what would be the mind-set of the person who follows a routine and the one who doesn’t. Routine sets the moods of the day and makes the person feels good.

The feel good factor in the morning will reciprocate throughout the day. This will help to accomplish the rest of the day tasks with same enthusiasm.

Saving Time:

Morning routine helps a person to save time and thereby increase the productivity. Once the mind gets used to the sequence of steps it needs to do to begin an energetic day, as soon as a person wakes up in the morning, the mind will orchestrate it without any struggle.

If we don’t know what to do after waking up each day, our mind will make us mull over yesterday incidents, unnecessary thoughts will begin to flow and soon we will be thinking over the useless thoughts which is going to affect the mood for the rest of the day.

Long Term Results:

Small tiny habits formed as a morning routine will give compounded results over a period of few days.  For instance if your morning routine is to write 500 page every day, then in 30 days you will be ready with 150000 words of work which is going to significantly make you advance in your goals.

My Morning Routine

I am working from home Mom with two kids. So I wake up before kids in the morning and work on the most important habit that I want to ingrain my mind.

  • For example, at present, I want to make writing as my habit. So I wake up every morning around 5:30 A.M and start to write. As soon as I wake up my mind knows what to do. I will grab my laptop and begin to finish my target goal to write a 500-1000 words article/day.
  • Next I will wake up my kids. We all brush our teeth, get our morning drinks.
  • Then I will teach my kids. I help them with their studies. I have goals on what should I teach each day. My daughter is making significant progress in her studies.
  • Next I will help to bath my kids, and get them ready. Then I provide them breakfast. They are very small and need my help here.
  • Then I will do 30 minutes of exercise to boost my energy.
  • Then I will take bath and eat a healthy breakfast.
  • Then time to check my to-list to start doing rest of the work.

This is how I begin every working day. My mind knows what needs to be done at each of the above steps. I save plenty of time and energy in the decision making process, and this willpower helps me to form other new habits later in the day.

Also, since I make complete use of the mornings, my mood is super charged and I live a stress-free life. Morning routines are very essential to begin each day with a purpose. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to increase their productivity.

My morning routine is very elaborate.  However, yours need not to be this detailed. You can begin with a quick morning routine that last 15 to 30 minutes. In that time, try to do same tasks every day. If you are trying to create a habit, include that in your morning routine. If you have no clue on where to begin, I have listed down few healthy tasks that can be included in your routines.

  • Exercise
  • Mediation
  • Yoga
  • Preparing a healthy breakfast
  • Creative work that demands focus (Eg : Writing)
  • Journaling your thoughts
  • Positive Affirmations

Above are few ideas that I would suggest for a beginner. If you don’t have any routine in the morning please form one with any of the above task and see the difference in a matter of few days. If you are person who already has routines, please share your routine via the comment and also tell me how it has improved your life.



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