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How To Earn Additional Money While Traveling Abroad?

During the worldwide pandemic, it seems like the world has stopped. We stopped traveling, minimized the number of meetups with friends and family, started working at home, and even began prioritizing shopping and ordering food online. At least when all of us were living under the lockdown restrictions.

More to it, for those of you who are digital nomads or still continue to work remotely, now is the best opportunity to work and travel. However, when you travel, you might want to create an additional source of income and in today’s article, we will share some ideas about how you can do that while being abroad, such as online tutoring jobs.

1) Sell Your Photography Online

Photography is a hobby that a lot of people enjoy nowadays, especially because the smartphones that we use now have such great cameras that it is easy to make a professionally-looking picture with just your phone.

However, not everybody discovers an opportunity to make money out of this hobby. As visual content is currently the most engaging type of content you can create, good visuals are always in high demand.

In order to start off making money out of the beautiful photos you have made, register for photo stock websites, such as Shutterstock or Freepik. Thus if someone wants to use a picture that you have taken for advertisement purposes, they need to pay you a fee for the right to use it.

2) Open a Facebook or Etsy Shop

For those of you who are crafty or into art, it is a good idea to open up a Facebook or Etsy shop. And do not worry about the difficulty of shipping when you travel around the world because there is a very efficient way to solve this issue.

For example, if you use a print on demand platform for product creation, production, storage, and shipping, it doesn’t really matter if you live in one country or travel every week. This is because the third-party company will take care of all that for you.

All you need to do is choose a product. It can be anything: starting with t-shirts, mugs, backpacks, phone cases, and ending with printed posters which you can design yourself. Afterward, you just need to choose a platform to sell the items, such as Facebook or Etsy, and take care of the advertising.

3) Teach English Online

Being multilingual has always been a valuable asset. Even if you think that the whole world speaks English and this is the only language you can actually teach, be aware that a lot of people are looking to improve their English skills.

More to it, one of the greatest benefits of online english teaching jobs is that you can do it from any part of the world. Also, it can be a great side job to earn some extra money while you are traveling and have more expenses than usual.

In order to start your career as an English tutor, you can search the internet for online English tutor jobs and you will bump into a lot of options, both part-time and full-time. And who knows, if you enjoy teaching others, one day, it may even become the main job that lets you work and travel.

4) Become an Influencer

Even though becoming a macro influencer seems like an unreachable goal, you should still try to aim to become a micro-influencer. Micro-influencers are more focused on specific niches, thus their content is more targeted to a specific audience and therefore more effective.

To begin your career as a micro-influencer, first, you should choose a niche for your future content. It could be anything: it could be traveling as a digital nomad or you could even promote how you teach English online.

Then, depending on your content and target audience, choose one or more platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or other social media chennels. Once you start creating content, make sure it is consistent and engaging.


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