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How to Stay Positive and Happy During Difficult Times

Can you point anyone who has never faced a difficult time at their life ever?

I have never seen any such person. It is a universal law that ups and lows are part of a life. What makes the difference is that how we stay positive and handle the hardship without giving up.

However remaining positive is not very easy, especially at our difficult time. It is easier said than done.

I have faced numerous occasion in life that pushed me to the edge of depression and anxiety. I have a throng of well-wishers who kept advising me on how facing problems are part of life, and how I just have to let it go and focus on other things

Can I let go and Stay Positive?

I agree. It is very hard. But, do we have a choice? No.

To stay positive and happy is not a choice. It is the only way to move forward. It is the only way to live life.

Even though it sucks to not feel pity about your present situation and mull over the craziness you have to go through now, you really don’t have a choice here. You just need to say enough is enough, and should focus your energy on being positive and try to keep yourself happy.

How to Stay Positive and Happy No Matter What?

There is no concrete suggestion on how to do it. If anyone knows fail-proof solution for it, we all will be happy correct? So I can suggest you on few things which kept me intact during my life crisis.

1.     This Too Shall Pass

As the first attempt to stay positive, I developed a mind-set with the most powerful wordings of all time ‘This too shall pass’.

What does this mean?

Happiness or sadness will pass away soon and nothing is permanent in this life. And let me tell you that, this is common for every living person. Rich or poor, this rule of life never change. Does it make you feel better?

Your present life situation may be extremely difficult to cope up, but please remember that it is going to end soon and happiness is around the corner.

2.     Let go and Move on

Life is too short to ponder over the situations and events that bring so much of worry to us. The best way to handle is to let go of things that you have no control and move on with life.

It is impossible to change anyone except you. Don’t waste your time on changing or controlling others. It will never happen.

3.     Enjoy Simple Pleasures of Life

At tough times we are so focused on the mind-paralyzing fears and worries that we fail to enjoy even the simplest pleasures of life.

Please stop doing that. Take a moment and think about other things which you are taking for granted now.  Enjoy the simple pleasures as it will give huge happiness compared to whining overs worries.

4.     Accept your Situation

Accept that you are facing tough time and it will take time to get over it. Prepare your mind to face the situation rather than draining it with all possibilities that could go wrong further in your life.

Accepting your life is the first thing you need to do if you want to figure out how you are going to handle this.

However, if you keep asking Why me? What have I done to deserve this?, one can answer this and rescue you. Life is imperfect. We are imperfect. Accept it and move on.

5.   Be Thankful

This life is a blessing. No matter how much you think why everything happens to you alone, it is a fact that there are people who are facing a lot more tough time than you.

Look at them and feel grateful that you don’t have to go through that. This will remind you on how to be thankful for your present situation.

6.     Recollect your Past

During tough times I always recollect wonderful memories of my past and try to remind me that how I have survived so far. So If I can handle a tough situation once, I can repeat it again.  We do face plenty of hard times, isn’t it?

For example, when I was out from my college I didn’t get a job at all. After a very tiring period I finally cleared interviews and got a job in a reputed organization. The awards and appreciate I got after that is a proof that my hard work in finding a job didn’t get wasted.

Recollect the memories of your best times. This will help you to think about your past problems and how you survived earlier.

7.     Talk to Someone who Inspire You

Stay with inspiring people who can help you to move forward.

Inspiration is contagious. If you admire someone, talk to them. Ask them what they would have done in the situation like yours.

Seek valuable advice and please do follow it. You are just a step away from a good idea and an inspiration to change your life and be positive.

8.     Read a Motivating Book

Books are my best companions.  When you want to stay positive, read a biography or self-help book from the people who had faced similar situation like yours.

Remember whatever you go through now has already been experienced by someone and shared it in the form of book. Read their book to find out how they tackled the issue.

9.     Learn Something New

Do you know what keeps us excited all the time?

When we involve ourselves in new things, we get excited by the way it transforms you.

Read a language, skill, craft anything that demands your attention and focus. Divert your energies to a positive environment. Then you will see the progress.

10.Stay away from negative people

This is pretty obvious isn’t it?

If you want to stay positive, cut down all the negativity from your life. Leave nothing that drains you.

Negativity is something you can’t afford if you want to work towards positivity and happiness.

11.Monitor your Thoughts

Thoughts are very crucial at troubled times. It is very essential that you don’t garbage your mind with useless thinking.

Before your mind conspire against you, watch out your thoughts. Practice positive self-talk.

12.Take a Break and Go Out

Sometimes you need to move away from your present environment to bring back the positivity in life.

Pack your bag and travel. Go to new places and experience new things. Inhale some fresh air and stay away from the toxic environment and people.

13.Connect with Nature

You can’t afford to go to a distant gateway now? Then rise early and catch the sunrise. Watch the serenity of the sunset. Drench on rain.  Look at the magnitude of big mountains. Walk on the sea shore.

Feel fresh and then come back to your place. We are nothing in the face of nature. All our troubles and worries will sound so insignificant if you connect with nature.

14.Dress Up

Don’t sit with your dirty clothes and mourn for life. Have you heard the saying – ‘No matter what, dress up, show up and never give up’?

Follow this attitude at every situation.

15.Spend Time with Family and Friends

Family and friends are our greatest support. Lean towards them during your tough times. Their protectiveness and support will help you to get through anything. Family is where our life began. Restore to their help to bring back the smile on your face.

“Being positive doesn’t mean ignoring the negative, being positive means overcoming the negative.”

Believe that this is just a passing phase and your bright future is going to begin any moment.  I have lived through moments like this and I can say this is not the end of the world. Goods things are going to happen soon. Stay Positive and Be Happy!!!

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