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How to Stop the Unwanted Feelings in your Mind

Life is not a bed of roses. It is sometimes a battle to be won each day. At tough times we get to know the real world around us and that often leads to disappointment and frustration.

This will make us to get in to the web of unwanted feelings. You will know that you are unnecessarily thinking too much and most of which may never happen in life. Or you might be over analysing the past incidents and events to an extent that you don’t want to move forward in life.

Your mind knows that there is no point in thinking about it again and again. It is not going to fix anything out for you; however you still can’t help yourself to stop your thinking.

I have been in that situation many times.  Sometimes I just don’t know how to stop thinking about the things which can only hurt me. No matter how much I try I keep indulging to such wanted feelings and later wallow in self-pity.

Past week, an incident made me struck on life and kept me in a state of limbo. I just couldn’t move forward and look at my otherwise bright aspect of life. I kept thinking about that one incident and soon it manifested before me. Everywhere I go I was only reminded of that incident.

I started to discuss about that bad episode to my family and friends. They felt sorry for my situation. That only helped me to continue with my unwanted feelings further. It disrupted a week of my work. All my schedules were tossed.

After about a wasted week, I realized that I am giving way too much importance to an incident and messing up my life further even after it got over.

How to stop the unwanted feelings?

The first stop towards stopping these unwanted feelings is to acknowledge it.  Yes, you heard me right. The first thing you need to realize is that something on life is unpleasant at the moment and that has demanded your attention. You need to think about it. However, you need to get over it ..may be in a day or two.

Once you give the event its demanded attention, you need to move on with your other activities. It is easily said than done. Because when you are too gripped by unnecessary thoughts and feelings, you won’t move on that easily. Getting up from the bed and doing your daily routines itself a big challenge.

You just go back to your self-pity game and just want to lie down and rest. But don’t do it. Give some work to your will power and move out from your home. Dress well and do something cheerful. This is the toughest period.  You need special boost from yourself to make this happen.

When I was down, I had a meet up with my close friend. Initially, I felt I should not meet anyone as I was in no mood to talk with others. But I realized that it is not helping me. The more I stay at home, the more I succumb to disturbing thoughts. Finally. ,I had to brace up myself and move out from home.

That helped me to clear off my mind. Once I let the steam go off by venturing out to a new place, I calmed down. I began to think how much I am missing my life. That made me conscious of my work and family again.  Then I began my daily routines slowly.

Once you begin to do your daily routines, you will tend to forget your negative feelings. But your old thoughts will keep haunting you when you relax.  It is okay to feel like this. The only thing is you should not give up and go back to your habit of overthinking the incident again.

You need to engage your mind on other activities besides your daily tasks. When I felt I was spoiling my mind with too much of thinking, I began working on a new project on my life. That was my dream project which I had to let go off a year back due to lack of help.

When I want to try something new to occupy my mind, I immediately thought of that old project, asked help from my friends and it changed everything. We began the project immediately and I was suddenly busy with it. I hardly had time to sleep let alone sit and think.

When you divert your mind, it makes you forget about past episodes. This might sound hard to implement. You might ask I don’t have any new project to occupy my mind every passing minute and I can’t easily forget the past and move on.

Believe me, you always have interesting activities going on around you. You don’t find anything interesting because you are too much into the lost feelings. Get a grip and do something new in your life. It will reward you with plenty of ideas. Follow one with passion.

Doing something new will often change your life completely. I never thought I would ever work on the dream project again but to my surprise my friends agreed to work with me immediately. This gave me confidence. I started to think about how to bring up this project to live.  Often things may sound impossible till you dare to take the first step.

Once you get active, your old feelings will vanish. Give it time and you will heal soon. That’s how I came back to life with my recent bad episode. My new project is showing me a bright future and I have been dreaming to reach it soon.

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