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List of 7 Common Bad Habits People Have

Habits are our lives. It defines the way we live.

Without habits, our brain will be overloaded with millions of decisions it has to make each day. Habits are activities we do subconsciously. Sometimes we don’t even know that we do certain things each day because it is ingrained in our mind so deeply. Our brains don’t wait for our conscious decision any more.

  • Saying thank you to a person
  • Switching off TV after watching it
  • Stopping the car on the sight of red light

The above are few examples of well ingrained habit. We don’t think twice before switching off a TV if you don’t watch it any longer. Decision making is entirely skipped and we do it without being aware of doing it.

That’s why it is crucial to develop good habits.  If you fell for bad habits you will begin to do them unconsciously every day. After a prolonged period, it is very difficult to face its consequences.  Also, it takes a great deal of time and energy to unfollow a bad habit.

Let’s see some of the common bad habits that can cause serious trouble in the long run.


It is the beginning of failure. You can never be successful in doing a thing tomorrow if it can be done today itself.  People who procrastinate belong to two categories. Either they want to be a perfectionist or they are simply lazy.

If you delay your activities waiting for the perfect moment, understand that you are indulging a bad habit that can prevent you from achieving anything in life. There is no such thing called perfectionism. It is a way to justify procrastination.

If you are simply lazy to take any action in life, then please get a grip on life and bounce back.  Stop this bad habit in the budding stage itself.

Lack of knowledge:

How many books have you read after you stepped out of the academic world?

Many people don’t think it is a necessity to acquire knowledge once they step out of college.  Knowledge is not needed to pass exams alone. We need to keep acquiring knowledge in all areas of life. It should be a lifelong habit.

Reading books, newspapers, blogs, listening to the podcast are some of the ways to keep up with what’s happening on the field you are interested. It will give you the upper hand over all your competitors or colleagues.

If you never have the habit of gaining knowledge, then you are hindering your growth.

Valuing others opinion:

Do you think too much about others?

Do you always make your decision based on what other think about you? Then take this is a life killing bad habit. People who value others opinion too much often live life for others. They will depend on others for their life happiness. It is not a healthy way to lead life.

Stop giving too much of importance to others.  Everyone has a life to live. Don’t live for others and wonder why you feel empty inside.

Waking up late:

Well …there are many people who don’t prefer to get up early morning. We all know the number of benefits we attain by waking up early. Still, if you are the people who justify your habit to get up late, then you need to rethink.

There are plenty of benefits for early morning riser. Before the world can take a look in the morning light, you can knock off all your hard tasks.  Early morning work brings a sense of completion.

If you need, you can rest few hours in the afternoon. However, don’t justify and waste the precious hours of early morning.

Mindless Eating:

Mindless eating is another scary habit which many indulge on these days. In the fast paced world, people love to eat fast foods.

Mindless eating is consuming food without the awareness of hazards it can create to health in the long run.  Consistent eating of junk foods is the easiest way to pile up weight.

It is fine to indulge in one or two meal per week. However, when mindless eating becomes a habit, you have to badly struggle with weight and health issues later.

Skipping exercise:

Exercise is very crucial to the well-being of a person. We all know the enormous health benefits we gain out of the exercise. Even a 10 minutes walking each day can make a significant difference to our body if you are consistent on that. Still, people don’t give importance to exercise.

In our sedentary lifestyle, it is essential to move our body and do the work needed for the healthy survival. Besides keeping fit, exercise is a great way to cope up stress and tension.

People Pleaser:

If you are kind of a person who can’t say no to others, then it belongs to a bad habit. You might think you are a good hearted who simply can’t say no to others. But it is going to take a toll on your life if you don’t fix it.

People pleasers generally sabotage their own self and prioritize other needs. Sacrificing self and going out of the way to satisfy others may sound noble to read, however, eventually it can completely drain you.

If you don’t know to say ‘No’ and create firm boundaries, it is tough to not get overloaded with others work

Above are some of the common bad habits. If you are struggling in your life now and wonder why you are not able to be successful like others, revisit your habits. It is a good place to start.

You may not even know that you are doing certain things that are stopping you from achieving what you want. You need to take a closer look on your life to figure out those habits and replace them with good ones to make progress.

Take control of your habits. Take control of your life.

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