Love Status For WhatsApp,Instagram,Facebook - Status for whatsapp

Love Status For WhatsApp,Instagram,Facebook

Love status For whatsapp

Love Status : In This Post We Presented Love Status For WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook And Express Your Feelings On Love Status

Love status for whatsapp

This morning is just like you Too hot And lovely

The special moment is the time spent with you

Will you be my morning tea Without which my day is incomplete

Where would That be in the world There we will be together

You Are My Piece of heart

Your One Kiss has as much intoxication as 1 bottle of liquor

MOM + DAD = My First Love

In The World Very Few People who Doesn’t Love Your Face But They Loves Your Heart

I Want a person who stays with me, not for the Timepass , but for the full LifeTime

Sleep For Lust With Her is not love but living together is love

The only thought of losing someone is to cry That’s Called Love

Love someone who can understand you

I have only one Half Batter and She is Just like evil

Promise me never leave Me Alone

Your Lips Is Like Them Dailly Milk Chocolate

If I get angry then you Bring Round me Just do nothing Only Tight Hug With me

Whenever She/he speaks you are Only mine, That’s when I get all the happiness in the world

No matter how much the Affliction, Only You Are My Happiness

Yes I Am Jealousy Because I Am Not Ready To Share With you anyone, Your Only Mine

Earlier there was just love, now it has become your habit

Me + You = Our Baby

I Want Kiss Your Chocolaty Lips

He/She who takes care of you has the right to be angry

My Name Is ” I ”

My Problem Is ” LOVE ”

My Solution Is ” YOU ”

“Promise me never make Me cry”

“You Are My Big Loveable Teddy Bear “

“Will You Be Mine Forever”

Never sad at a face that makes you happy

I am ready to lose everything but I want To achieve you in return

Giving a rose to someone is not love but keeping it like a rose is love

I knew what intoxication was when I kissed you

You are everything to me without You which there is nothing at all

I want to spend my whole life without you

There are many people in the world but you are with me so I got everything

A friend and a true Life partner are both character In You

My breath is name only YOU

How to say you have so much love You need more than myself

My journey is good but better than that is my Companion

Were you yesterday, you still be, you will always be

For me every happiness means being with you

I don’t need anyone else if you are with me

A relationship never breaks with one human expert In persuasion

Seeing trust in a relationship is the only true love

Hey Honey i want Promotion From Girlfriends To Wife

Life without you means heart without beating

You little foolish little devil

First Kiss is intoxicating and there is no other intoxication like that

Let’s do it something Something

Relationships should be about separation

You Without Me mean phone without charging

You and I will be with you forever

You are life for me Doesn’t mean anything else

Who was fond of love, just came closer and fell in love

Fight can conquer the world, love must win to the heart

Love doesn’t age

Your memories are the place where you can be found

Love status For Whatsapp Which will help you to show your lover feelings of love And you can show your feeling by Our Website the Love Status


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Cool Status for whatsapp

#happy birthday Happy Birthday Wishes

मेरे सबसे करीबी और सबसे पुराने दोस्त को जन्मदिन की बधाई! मैं धन्य महसूस करता हूं, क्योंकि हमारी दोस्ती जीवन का एक सच्चा उपहार है।

#Atitude Status

My Life My Rules, My Passion My Atitude

#Love status

ख्याल रखा करो अपना माना की ज़िन्दगी आपकी है पर जान तो आप हमारी हो ना

#Couple Status

नहीं रहा जाता यार तेरे से बात किये बिना तभी तो तुम्हे CALL और SMS करते है वरना अच्छा तो हमें भी नहीं लगता तुम्हे परेशान करना

#Sad status

तेरी आखरी मुलाकात मेरी ज़िंदगी की आखरी ख़ुशी थी 💔

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