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Monthly Goals Update & Progress II – June 2016

Hello All,

I hope June is treating you all well. Before a blink of an eye, half month has already gone. Time is running very fast.

This post is to update you on my progress with June month goals. In case, if you missed out to read my June month’s goals, check out here.

As I already mentioned, this ‘goals progress’ posts are mainly to motivate me and make me feel accountable for whatever I set out do every month.  By writing these posts, if I make you feel inspired to pursue your goals, I will be happier.



  • Write 15 Articles for Quotes Master.
  • Write 800 to 1000 words each weekday.

I am extremely happy that I am making good progress in writing. One of my main goals this month is to write 15 articles for Quotes Master. So far I have written 8 articles including the one you are reading now. And I am confident that I can write 7 more articles before the end of the month.

I am also doing well on my second goal to write 800 – 100 words each day. So far I have accomplished this goal on every weekday. So I am glad on this as well.



  • Finish off 90 days exercise challenge.

I set out to finish the 90 days exercise challenge this month. So far I am making some progress, but I am finding it difficult to keep up with this challenge every passing day. I get tired so soon.

I do this challenge only for the sake of completing it. I feel bad. As I write this, I have completed 72 days of challenge and still 18 days more to go.

One main reason for the lack of interest is because of my long travel to pick up my daughter from school. Travel is draining both me and my daughter. I hope to find a solution for it soon and get back to my exercise routine with full enthusiasm.



  • Clean my personal email account inbox by setting a timer for 10 minutes each weekday.

I really like this goal. I have made a good progress in it. When I started this goal, I was scared to see 5000+ emails in my Inbox. I had no clue where to start.

But 15 days later, I have made significant progress and brought down the number to 2000+.

Some methods I followed to clear my email box are

  • I unsubscribed from all newsletter emails (from banks, websites, shopping sites.. etc) that are irrelevant to me.
  • I stopped all social media notification related emails.
  • I created labels to organize emails based on categories [Work, Personal, Friends… etc]
  • I archived old emails to folders instead of keeping them stagnant on primary inbox

Following these simple methods for 10 minutes each day, have made me clear half of the inbox. I am happy.



  • Read 15 minutes every day other than research material.

I love this goal as well.  Besides the research for writing articles, I am reading books on blogging and productivity. I read many useful books because of this goal. Two books stand out from whatever I read so far in this month.

Free tools for writers, bloggers and solopreneurs by Karen Banes

I love the productivity tools listed in this book. I have bookmarked many of them.  If you want to save time and be more productive, read this book.

How to Actually make money Blogging by Cyrus Kirkpatrick

I love the way the author explained the backstage of blogging. Earning money out of blogs needs dedication and passion. It is not for people who want to become rich quick. There is so much of hard work put behind every successful blog.  All these are explained in this book.

I have bookmarked these two books for later reference.

Spending time with kids


  • Take kids out on every weekend.

I went out with kids for the past two weekends. And I really enjoyed it more than kids. Looks like I am deprived off entertainment compared to kids. Working from home full time along with kids is really taking a toll on me. So outings on weekends are great refreshment.

On the first weekend, we all went for a movie and had a good time. On the second weekend, my daughter performed her first classical dance.  So we went to watch and encourage her. Seeing her dancing with a pretty costume is one of the best moments in my life. I am very grateful to have blessed with a daughter like her.  I was very proud of her that day.

Financial Planning


  • Learn 5 Tips to Save Money.

I am taking baby steps with financial planning. So far I have decided to implement the below two tips.

  • Plan the monthly expenses by writing down everything and save at least 5%.
  • Don’t use credit/debit cards. Use cash to buy everything.

Still I need to come up with 3 more tips before the end of this month. I should also implement them every month without fail.

Time to wind up. I have shared my progress. How are you doing with your goals? What is your progress? Share it in the comment section.


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