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Monthly Goals Update & Progress – June 2016

Beginning of anything brings happiness, isn’t it? I am so excited that June 2016 has born. I am very happy with myself on the progress I made on May month. I hope that I do well on June too. There are not many changes in my goals from last month. Anyway I want to write them down here more to myself than for others to read this here.

Why should I write it here?

To accomplish anything, accountability is very essential. When you feel responsible and accountable for doing anything, the chances of doing it are very high.

By writing down my goals here, I make it known to everyone. Before I give excuses for not doing them I will think twice. At least I will try to finish off my tasks to save my face here. It is a sort of trick to push me further to reach what I want. Selfish me.  No?

Anyway..Let me stop boring you to death with my philosophy and start writing down my June goals here. My daughter school is reopening this month, which means, I need to travel long distance to take her to school, and bring her back to home. Daily I need to travel for 2 hours. Yes, she is studying in a distant school and that’s a big story. So I don’t want to set unrealistic goals and get disappointed. I just want to stick to basic tasks which I feel I can do it without stressing me down.

Below are some of the things I want to accomplish this month besides running my online service oriented websites.


As I pointed out last month, I have been working a lot on improving my writing. I am focusing mainly on how to write more words on less time. I want to use my time effectively. It is a big challenge. Because writing demands focus and attention. This is something very difficult to attain with my kids.

This month I want to write 15 articles for Quotes Master.  And I want to write 800 – 1000 words every week days. This word count will include the articles I plan to write here as well.  I hope I make this happen.


  • Write 15 Articles for Quotes Master.
  • Write 800 to 1000 words each weekday.


I am in the 60th day of my 90 day exercise challenge. Still 30 days are pending to finish this off. I have reached my ideal weight and in pretty good health compared to last year. Nevertheless I plan to continue this workout and complete it fully.

I am not going to do any dieting / portion control. Any food reduction is going to reduce my weight and push me to underweight category. So I want to maintain my present weight but also planning to finish off the challenge.  I need to watch out my weight. If there is a decrease in my weight I need to increase my food intake accordingly to compensate the weight loss.


  • Finish off the remaining challenge.


Remember the 10 minutes rule I have been following last month?

I am going to continue that rule this month as well. I have around 5000+ unread emails staring at me from my personal email account. These got accumulated over a period of 5 years. And I have countless number of already read, but not organized, emails sitting at my email inbox. My email box is on the danger of suffocation and explosion.

So this month I am planning to clear my entire inbox of my personal email account by setting out timer for 10 minutes each weekday. I am going to clear my inbox as much as possible for 10 minutes and going to come back to it again next day. I hope I can clear everything this month itself.


  • Clean my personal email account inbox by setting timer for 10 minutes each weekday.


I don’t have to write down this goal. Because reading is ingrained in to my mind and I do it unconsciously every day without reminding it as a goal to be accomplished. However after I started to write, I felt I am reading mainly to research for my writing. This is not enough. I want to read books for the simple pleasure of reading. So besides my research reading I want to read at least 15 minutes each day on anything other than this blog work.


  • Read 15 minutes every day other than research material.

Spending Time with Kids

I am a working from home mom. I have been trying to balance both my kids and work. I am fully occupied on weekdays and I couldn’t spend additional time to take my kids out anywhere. This makes me feel guilty.

So I am going to follow a strict routine to take them out on each weekend. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a long one or an expensive outing. I am just planning to take them to some nearby places so they get fun outside home.

My husband is staying abroad. So they miss him badly. I need to take extra caution to make them enjoy their days without missing their father.


  • Take kids out on every weekend.

Financial Planning

At present this is one of my weakest areas. I am literally in a very terrible position now. I have no clue on what to do with the money I earn. I am blindly doing things which I feel incorrect when it comes to finance.

I really need to buckle up and start understanding about finance and how to save money effectively.  I need to learn better ways to handle the expenses.  I am not in debt now. That’s the main reason why I got so lethargic when it comes to financial planning.

Before I do any planning, I want to come up with five tips on how to save money. Once I find those tips I am going to try them out.  This month ‘financial planning’ is just a beginning and I think it will be on my goal list for the several upcoming months.


  • Learn 5 Tips to Save Money

Ok.. These are the things I want to do this month. Of course the list doesn’t end here. I want to do some personal stuff as well. But it won’t be appropriate to write them down here. I will post an update on these goals after mid of this month. So it will act as a reminder on where I stand.

Now you have read about my plans. Time to share yours!!! Take a minute to think what you want to do this month and post it here.  We both can share our progress in the coming days. Happy June!!!


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