Raste Couple Status For WhatsApp

Couple Status for whatsapp

जहा रास्ते दो हो जाये क्यों न वहा हम एक ❤️ हो जाये Raste Couple Status For WhatsApp Raste Couple Status For WhatsApp : “Jaha Raste Do Ho Jaye Kyu Na Waha Hum Ek Ho Jaye” – In This Post We Presented Couple Are Thinking About Long Term Relationship. Sometime Our Way Are Different But … Read more

Dil Ke Riste Couple Status

Couple WhatsApp status

कुछ बाते बिना बोले समझ में आ जाती है क्यों की रिस्ते दिल के होते है वो ऊपर से बन के आते है Dil Ke Riste Couple Status Dil Ke Riste Couple Status : This post is written for people who understand heart to heart And those people understand each other without talking to each … Read more

Fikr Couple WhatsApp Status

Fikr status

कभी तुम पूछ लेना कभी हम भी ज़िक्र कर लेंगे छुपा कर दिल के दर्द को एक दूसरे की फ़िक्र कर लेंगे Couple to understand each other, sometimes you ask me, I will ask.And there is some pain, hiding that pain near you, I will take care of the other.Couples understand each other silently in … Read more

Cute Couple

नहीं रहा जाता यार तेरे से बात किये बिना तभी तो तुम्हे CALL और SMS करते है वरना अच्छा तो हमें भी नहीं लगता तुम्हे परेशान करना A lover can’t live without talking to another lover and he misses her so much that he has to call and message her.But it doesn’t feel good to … Read more