#Love status

"Sikva Gila Hai Mohabbat Se Magar Isqu Teri Berukhi Se Hua Hai"

#Love status

Ye Subah Bilkul Tum Jaisi Hai Thodi Garm Bhi Aur Pyari si

#Love status

प्यार को तब तक प्यार न करो जब तक प्यार तुम से प्यार करने न लगे उसके बाद प्यार को इतना प्यार करो की कोई उस प्यार को तुम जैसा  प्यार न कर पाये

#Love status

ख्याल रखा करो अपना माना की ज़िन्दगी आपकी है पर जान तो आप हमारी हो ना

#Love status

Tuje Gale Se Laga Kar Jo Dil❤️ Ko Sookun Aata Hai Ab Pata Chala Tere Ek Pal Dur Hone Se Ye Dil❤️ Itna Kyu Gabhrata Hai

#Love status

बात चली थी की चाँद से सुन्दर कौन है, हम गलती से गुलाब बता बैठे और वो अपना नकाब हटा बैठे

What Is Romantic Status

People prefer romantic status to express their feelings and emotions through a 30 second video and photos And can silently tell the person in turn against their own feeling

Why Choose People Romantic Status

Romantic status are a kind of messenger that conveys the message of the heart to the heart which is one. The word of the heart is conveyed to the other heart by one status

A People who can’t speak his heart out on a call or in a SMS is trying to get his heart through the status

Why Choose People always WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp is a great social messenger and has a very beautiful feature called Status

Feel free to post 30 seconds of videos and photos in WhatsApp status and give them to our contact list members. We can describe our sorrow and our happiness many people can’t say the same thing in WhatsApp if they hang one by heart

How to set WhatsApp Status

• Open your WhatsApp And Go To the Status Section

• Click On My Status Button Then Automatically Open Your File Manager & Mobile Gallery

• Choose Photos & Video (30 sec)

• It’s Done

• Then your status will be added to the members of your contact list