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Top 10 Slogans on Animal Cruelty to Stop Animal Abuse

Here is our collection of 10+ Top Anti animal cruelty slogans / Anti animal abuse slogans to create awarness among people to stop animal abuse and encourage people to stop cruelty against animals & birds. Happy Reading..!!

  • Abusing animals = Losing animals!

  • Animals are my friends, and I don’t wear my friends.

  • Animals are your neighbors on this earth- respect them!

  • Be an everyday hero, stop animal abuse.

  • Cage for prisoners, not for animals!

  • Don’t shoot animals with guns, shoot them with cameras.

  • Don’t treat animals the way you don’t want to be treated!

  • End violence against animals!

  • Fur is worn by beautiful animals and heartless people!

  • Fur: Beautiful on animals, Ugly on people

Few More Stop Animal Cruetly Slogans:

  • God loved the birds and created trees, humans loved the birds and created cages
  • I’m against animal cruelty, Are you?
  • Just love animals, they will love you back.
  • Keep calm and stand against animal cruelty.
  • Make compassion, the fashion. Don’t use fur!
  • Stand for animal rights!
  • Stop animal abuse and be a hero!
  • Would you want to spend your entire life on a chain? neither do they.
  • You can live without fur. Some animals can’t.
  • Zero tolerance for animal abuse.

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