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Top 100 Anti War Slogans to Promote Peace and Prevent War

  • A massacre is not a war!
  • A war creates thousands of orphans!
  • A war-free world is what we want!
  • After the war, there will only be bloodshed everywhere, not the good or the bad!
  • All War is an atrocity
  • All we want is an anti-war world.
  • An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. Stop war!
  • Anything war can do; peace can do better!
  • Choose peace; war is not the way!
  • Conversation stops the war!
  • Don’t make a war mistake; go with peace!
  • Earth needs peace, not a bomb!
  • End the violence, keep the peace!
  • End the war before it ends you!
  • Fight for peace, not for blood!
  • Fighting is always destructive, stay peaceful!
  • For a more non-violent day, warfare isn’t always the way!
  • For a more peaceful day, war is not the way!
  • Give the world a gift of Peace and Love!
  • I am not disturbing the peace. I am disturbing war!
  • If you want world peace, fight for justice!
  • It is our world, not your battlefield!
  • Keep the peace; don’t betray the world!
  • Kick the battle, hug the peace!
  • Kick the war, hug the peace!
  • Let’s stand hand in hand, to have peace in the land!
  • Love peace, not war!
  • Make love not war!
  • Mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to mankind!
  • Many voices, one plea no war!
  • Maybe you don’t care about others’ lives but we do. Stop the war!
  • Negotiation Not Annihilation.
  • No more parentless children – stop the war!
  • No War, Know peace!
  • No wars, only peace!
  • Our future will be bright when the world will be war-free!
  • Our planet is for peace, not for war!
  • Our planet is for peace, now not for the struggle!
  • Participation Yes, War No!
  • Peace is a weapon through which we can change the whole world!
  • Peace is an angel; war is a ghost!
  • Peace is caring, War is despairing!
  • Peace is cheaper, war is costly!
  • Peace is costly but it is worth the expense!
  • Peace is healthy for all human beings. War is injurious to all human beings!
  • Peace is inexpensive, war is highly-priced!
  • Peace is my religion; all we need is love!
  • Peace is patriotic, forestall the warfare!
  • Peace is sane, war is insane!
  • Peace is the ultimate weapon to prevent wars!
  • Peace will save the world!
  • Peace with bullets? Impossible!
  • Protect your children. Say no to war!
  • Put the power for peace, skip the war!
  • Rich man’s war, poor man’s blood.
  • Say sure to peace, no to conflict!
  • Say yes to peace, no to war!
  • Skip the war, start the peace now!
  • Stand against the war!
  • Stop war! Bullets can’t bring peace!
  • Stop war, no more killings!
  • Stop war, start peace!
  • The battle is an orgy of disorder!
  • The real and lasting victories are those of peace and not of war!
  • The world needs peace, not wars!
  • The world says no to War!
  • Use words, not weapons!
  • Violence breeds violence.  Let us breed peace!
  • Waging war to stop terrorism is like putting out fire with gasoline!
  • War affects the entire world!
  • War against a country is a war against humans.  But peace to a country is peace to mankind!
  • War brings tears – Peace brings cheers!
  • War gives blood – Peace gives bread!
  • War has never solved anything!
  • War is a disgrace, let’s keep peace in this place!
  • War is a shame, preserve peace in this location!
  • War is always a mistake. Give peace a chance!
  • War is cruel – flog your mule!
  • War is destruction, peace is construction!
  • War is destruction, peace is the production!
  • War is expensive, Peace is priceless!
  • War is expensive, Peace is priceless. World Peace!
  • War is not healthy for living things!
  • War is outdated, peace is the trend!
  • War is Psychotic, Peace is Patriotic!
  • War is terrorism with a bigger budget!
  • War is the business of Barbarians!
  • War is the problem, not the solution!
  • War- Its darkness ruins lives!
  • War kills people, peace builds humans!
  • War let’s restrain so Peace we can obtain!
  • War makes people die – Peace makes people live!
  • War- We don’t want it!
  • War wins land, peace wins people!
  • War, good for absolutely nothing
  • Wars destroy not only bodies it’s also destroyed the mind!
  • We don’t want war. We want peace!
  • We want a war-free world!
  • “We want peace”, they say and make wars!
  • We want to hear the giggles of our children, not their screams!
  • You can bomb the world into pieces but you can’t bomb it into peace!
  • You can no more win the war than an earthquake!
  • You create wars. You are safe, not us!
  • Your smart weapons do not make you smart!

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