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Top 4 Mykonos Restaurants Your Palate Will Beg You to Visit 

A cosmopolitan party mecca and meeting point for the world’s jet set, Mykonos is a Mediterranean paradise with a fantastic abundance of entertainment options, including sugary beaches, a lively nightlife, an animated party scene, accommodation with unprecedented levels of luxury and privacy (also outstanding facilities), and superb gastronomy featuring restaurants with a VIP atmosphere, and family-run tavernas serving mouth-watering seafood and dishes that epitomise Greek cuisine. And, if you are wondering which dining venues deliver regal and absolutely heart-pleasing experiences for your taste buds to explode, here are the top 4 eateries that won’t disappoint you (including options that not many tourists know of)! 

1. Funky Kitchen – Creativity at its best 

Expect a place that welcomes with the most impressive fusion cuisine and modern Mediterranean dishes that definitely excite and send chills up and down the spine. We are talking about gastronomy using the best local ingredients (and the finest ingredients from across the world) and Michelin-star quality served in an unpretentious setting tucked in a small alley in the scenic Little Venice area. Besides the many seafood dishes on the menu, you will also find a fantastic selection of Greek beers and wines, which you can enjoy on the sea-facing terrace. 

2. To Maereio – Authentic Greek tastes

Meaning “the place the cook cooks”, Maereio is a typical Greek taverna on the island’s capital, Mykonos Town (aka the Chora) offering great, simple food at extremely reasonable prices (compared to other dining facilities at Mykonos) and the most satisfactory portions. If the road takes you here, do consider ordering saganaki, grilled squid or octopus, or a piece of moussaka along with your Greek salad and ouzo or raki. And, if you are one of the lucky ones, you may visit Maereio during a live Greek music night (randomly organised through the year, but a staple during the months of July and August). You may need to book a table in advance, though, in the summer months as the place gets fully booked fast. 

3. Captain’s – Where the freshest fish pair with local ingredients

Those loving great fish dishes and seafood will find their culinary heaven at Captain’s. The seaside taverna enchants with its casual atmosphere, mind-blowing seascapes and sunset views, and, of course, the appetising food that ranges from sardine and sea bream options to tacos and seafood platters for two, four or more people. Note that this is not a restaurant where you can reserve a table, so you may need to wait a bit to be seated, especially during the high season. Trust us, the wait is certainly worth it and will compensate you with stunning panoramas of the glistering Aegean Sea and flavours that skyrocket any culinary venture. 

4. Souvlaki Story – The best souvlaki in town

Souvlaki Story is, hands down, the beating heart of the street food scene on Mykonos, pampering foodies with massive portions of fine-quality meat and other signature meat options, such as grilled steak and gyros, besides the absolutely mind-blowing souvlaki sticks and falafel souvlaki wraps. You may pair your flavours with a yummy Greek salad from the extensive list of salads on the menu. And, all that, fairly priced, making Souvlaki Story a perfect alternative after a day on the beach or a wild night out partying and drinking! 

Private Dining Experiences 

As expected, VIP reservations and private dining are also an option on the table. In fact, these can be as exclusive as you wish and can include VIP reservations at elite restaurants on Mykonos to spoil yourself with dining at a designated, elegant area away from the masses. Or you may have a private chef prepare dishes to your heart’s content at the luxury and comfort of your stylish Mykonos villa, with sweeping views of the Mediterranean Sea and a fantastic array of world-class services and amenities. It’s up to you! In any case, enjoy! 


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