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Top ten universities of Czech Republic

If you want to experience the best university life in Europe, Czechia is a country that should be on your list. This central-European country is providing low-cost, high-quality education and luxurious quality of living expenses. Yet, for a population size of about 11 million individuals, it still ranks among the top universities globally. Thus, you might need help with the admission and to buy custom essays online would be a good idea to boost your chances to be accepted as a student there.

One great example would be Charles University, which is from some of Europe’s finest institutions. Other universities such as Masaryk University, Palacký University, Brno Universities, The Technical College, and Prague’s Czech Technical Institute are all found within this relatively small nation.

We collect a list of ten outstanding universities of Bohemia that can help both national and international students to find their required place.

1. Charles University

Originally founded by Emperor Charles IV in 1348, the history of this prestigious university is as long and enduring as its name. To date, it remains one of Europe’s largest universities, with 17 faculties enrolling around 49,200 students annually. It also has an internationalization program that encompasses partnerships with 200 schools from all over the world. In addition, the school’s medieval campus is in Prague. Not only does this add to its appeal, but it means you’ll get a taste for everything Czechoslovakian culture has to offer.

2. Czech Technical University in Prague

The Czech Technical University in Prague is one of the largest and oldest universities in the country. It has the second position among universities, with a total enrollment of around 24,000 pupils. The students can get registration for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Moreover, the university has 100 programs. Most of the programs focus on engineering and similar programs. Pride themselves on having alumni throughout their existence that are world-renowned by professionals from all over who care about the quality education offered here.

3. Univerzita Karlova

The Czech University of Life Sciences was founded in Prague 672 years ago. It has a policy of selective registration. The students need to pass an entrance exam for admission. Furthermore, it is open to international students as well. UK’s facilities for academics include housing, libraries, sports facilities, financial aids, or scholarships. The school also offers exchange programs, study abroad programs, plus online courses, and opportunities to promote distance learning. These facilities can provide administrative services to their student body with ease.

4. Masarykova univerzita

Located in the medium city of Brno, Masarykova univerzita (Masaryk University) founded in 1919. It is a non-profit public institution that provides an academic atmosphere. 

The enrollment rate of the university is 30 to 40%. This institute is open for the enrollment of foreign students. There has been an increased interest from prospective American graduate-level candidates and those from other European countries, largely because they offer courses taught exclusively in English. Additionally, international student advisers assist with visas & immigration services on campus. They also provide traditional amenities like housing facilities, sports clubs, and more.

5. Vysoké ucení technické v Brne

This public institute was designed in 1899 as a non-profit organization. You can find it in urban areas of the medium city, Brno. The enrollment rate of the university is 60 to 70%. International students can apply for enrollment at this university. More than 600 programs are studied here, including chemical engineering, environmental protection technology, and biomedical engineering, among others. Facilities include an extensive library that houses more than 1 million books. 

The opportunity to study abroad makes this university an attractive choice for Czech natives. In addition, Brno University of technology also has a student exchange program that attracts international students seeking their education.

6. Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci

The university was created in 1573 in the urban area of a small city, Olomouc. It is 447 years old that makes it a historical, educational organization. Students have to successfully pass the entrance paper and then get a seat in their selective program. In addition, it always welcomes students from abroad and facilitates them with all needs. Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand established the Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci.

7. Západoceská Univerzita v Plzni

A university in the Czech Republic, which is rooted deep within its urban setting, began a higher education institute with a non-profit feature that allows selective admission. Moreover, the admission requires an entrance exam. International students can also apply to university. They provide facilities such as housing, sports programs, financial aids or scholarships, etc.

8. Technická Univerzita v Liberci

Technická Univerzita v Liberci (Technical University of Liberec) is a Czech, public university founded in 1953, located just 30 minutes outside the capital city. The school has a registration range of 30-40% and also welcomes international students for admission.

9. Ceská zemedelská univerzita v Praze

Established in 1906, the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague is a non-profit institution for the public. You can find it in the suburban setting of the metropolis. Every year they accept 50 to 60% on average from applicants and welcome international students for enrollment.

10. Jihoceská univerzita v Ceských Budejovicích

It was created in 1991 and is located near Ceské Budejovice. The University of South Bohemia allows only 40-50% of individuals for enrollment. Moreover, the students must have a passed university entrance test and records of previous grades. International students can also apply for enrollment at this 29-year-old Czech organization.


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