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Unusual Things to do in Prague

We all know Prague as one of the most scenic cities in all of Europe. Millions of tourists flock to this stunning city to admire the architecture and immerse themselves in its rich history. But, that is not all that Prague has.

You will be sorely mistaken if you think Prague doesn’t have its quirks and unusual experiences. If this is news to you, don’t worry, we have a list of 6 unusual things to do in Prague for you right here, from a shooting range to crawling babies.

Visit the Nuclear Bunkers

Amongst all the WW1 and WW2 history around Europe, it is rare to see any remnants of the Cold War. The Soviets planned on sitting out in Prague in case of a nuclear attack and you can visit the different bunkers all around the city.

The bunker still has gas masks and clothes hanging around serving as ghostly reminders of the past. This eerie yet unique place should be a part of the itinerary in Prague because when else can you have this experience?

Explore the Kingdom of Argondia

Have you ever wanted to wander inside the head of an artist? Well, this is the closest you can get. Based on his imagination, Czech artist Reon created Argondia in an old mill near Petrin Hill, just outside of Prague.

The building is full of paintings and one of the best parts is the Magic Cave. Walk through the psychedelic hallways and enjoy the day walking around in magic.

Marvel at the Decayed Human Arm

Did we just say human arm? That too, decayed? What! Well, when we said unusual, we meant unusual. If you look up as you enter the Church of St. James, you can see an actual mummified human arm which is around 400 years old.

It is known as the Thief’s arm and the legend around tells the story of a robber that came in to steal jewels off of the Virgin Mary statue. The church didn’t take kindly to this inquisition and hung his arm up as a warning to others.

Test your aim at the Prague Gun Range

If you’ve ever wondered what it must be like to be a Soviet soldier, an American sniper, or just a main character in a Wild West movie, this place is for you.

If you love adventurous and adrenaline-inducing activities, the Prague gun range has something for everyone. With varying distances, 4 open-air ranges, and a variety of legendary guns, it is one experience that you will leave Prague talking about.

Walk amongst Giant Crawling Babies

We did say you’re mistaken if you think Prague isn’t quirky. On the grounds of Museum Kampa, you will giant barcode-faced babies just crawling around. This is all thanks to Prague-born artist David Cerny.

These babies are incredibly scary but provide a great quirky photo opportunity. Another one of those things that you might leave behind physically, but mentally, you may not.

Have dinner in a Cave

While traveling to any city in the world, one of the best things to do is to immerse yourself in the local culture which usually includes delicious local food. We’ve all at some point or another, wanted a different dining experience that we won’t get at home.

Well, Prague took it one step further and combined world-class food with an ambiance that you can’t miss out on. Located at the lower level of the Adria Hotel in Wenceslas Square, in a stalactite cave, is the popular Triton Restaurant. With delicious food and an ode to Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology, this will make for a very unique dining experience.

There’s always a uniqueness to every place on this earth and we should look for the quirks while traveling. This list will help you discover the unusual place in Prague and fall in love with the city even more.


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