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Use our Guides as GPS-guided Travel Articles + Giveaway!

Have you ever heard about GPS-guided travel articles? Are you familiar with this situation – you are in a foreign city for the first time and have no idea, where to go. You search the internet and find some articles about „the best places to see“, choose some of them and then have to find directions to each of these places individually and plan your schedule.

GPS-guided travel articles are designed specifically to speed up this process and make it much easier to plan.

Use our travel guides

We have started a partnership with GPSmyCity and published several of our city guides as GPS-guided articles. You can download any of them to your phone.

These articles are available so far (we are working on more):

What are the benefits of travel article apps?

1) Complete offline usage

You don’t have to worry about cell coverage and roaming data plans. Just download the guide using free Wi-fi in your accommodation and use everything offline.

2) Map view and GPS navigation

You can view all the beautiful places to visit on a map, which helps you to plan your sightseeing schedule. The build-in GPs navigation always shows your exact location, so you will never get lost again.

3) Self-guided walk tours

You can pick, which attractions you want to visit and easily plan your own self-guided tour around the city.

4) Audio narration

The app has also a great narration function, which will read the article out to you whenever you want.

5) Thousands of guides all in one place

Do you plan to visit several cities during one trip? You don’t have to worry about complicated planning, just download all these cities using one well-arranged mobile app.

Free vs paid article versions

Free version

You can read the articles completely for free. You are just not allowed to save them for offline usage and can’t use the GPS-guided version.

Paid (upgraded) version

You can pay a small fee (about $2) to upgrade the article and use the GPS-guided version and save it for offline usage. These $2 will save you a lot of time and are well worth it to pay. You can also subscribe annually for only $20, which gives you unlimited access to more than 6500 GPS-guided city articles.

FREE giveaways:

You can upgrade these 3 articles completely for free between Mon, Apr 26 – Sun, May 2 – so don’t wait!

  1. Brno, Czech Republic
  2. Bangkok, Thailand
  3. Brighton, England

GPSmyCity travel app is available on both Android and iOS. Enjoy and share with your friends!


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