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Where to Go When You Crave Adventure: 5 Abu Dhabi Destinations to Try

Adventures come in many forms. Some focus on making hearts beat faster, while others offer a once-in-a-lifetime chance to do something unique or unusual. And then, there are those that cause a special feeling that comes from being part of something bigger.

Whichever is true for you, Abu Dhabi is the perfect place to be.

Whatever type of adventure you’re looking for, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) capital has it all. Below are five Abu Dhabi destinations that could help quench your thirst for the right kind of adventure.

1) Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

Once hailed as the largest indoor theme park in the Guinness Book of World Records, Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi is not just a meeting place for you and your favorite childhood characters. With the right choice of rides and attractions, it can also help thrill-seekers achieve some of their bucket list goals.

Located in a massive, air-conditioned arena are the most immersive and exhilarating attractions that you wouldn’t want to miss:

Justice League: Warworld Attacks

Want to get the most out of your theme park tickets? Why not explore the world of the Justice League in 5D?

Warworld Attacks is an adventure where you can join Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and all of Earth’s mightiest superheroes as they face off against villains in full-scale scenic environments, complete with special effects.

Batman: Knight Flight

Keeping Gotham City safe is what Batman swore to do, and you can join him in this quest in Batman: Knight Flight.

In this ride, guests will find themselves at Wayne Tech headquarters for a job fair. But in an unexpected turn of events, things go south because of a crime spree in Gotham.

In this adventure, Batman will recruit you to become a test pilot for a prototype of the ultimate urban patrol vehicle. Your adventure then begins as the ride is launched out of the Batcave and into the dark alleys of Gotham to chase all those bad guys wreaking havoc in the city.

Fast and Furry-ous

Looking for a more whimsical adventure in Warner Bros. World? Fast and Furry-ous may be the perfect ride for you.

This roller coaster brings you through a high-speed chase in the coyote country, complete with extreme twists and turns. You’ll also be joining the not-so-wily Wile E. Coyote in his quest to catch (or just catch up to) the speedy Roadrunner.

2) Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Want to experience speed like no other? Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has “fast” down to a science.

As the only Ferrari-branded theme park in the UAE, the place offers plenty of unique and record-breaking rides that emulate the Italian race car brand’s identity. In fact, Ferrari World is home to the fastest roller coaster in the world: Formula Rossa.

Of course, there’s more to the theme park than fast rides. They also have plenty of zero-gravity attractions that make it every adrenaline-junkie’s paradise.

Flying Aces

Though not as famous as Formula Rossa, Flying Aces attracts much attention from guests who visit Yas Island.

You see, this roller coaster is the only one in the country that scales as high as 63 meters, only to go on a steep drop at a 51-degree angle while going as fast as 120 kilometers per hour. This is what earned Flying Aces the title of the highest roller coaster loop globally.

Turbo Tower

In this ride, adults and kids (who are at least 105 centimeters tall) can enjoy an incredible aerial view of the entire theme park and the excitement of a zero-gravity fall. In just two bouncing drops, riders will have their hearts racing in no time.

3) Yas Waterworld

Ready for some water-based activities to beat the desert heat? As water’s greatest playground, Yas Waterworld would prove to be a great addition to your Abu Dhabi adventures.

The expansive water park has over 40 rides, slides, and attractions that offer guests various levels of thrill and excitement. The place even has something for the little ones, too.

Among the “extreme thrill” level rides include:

  • Jebel Drop
  • Liwa Loop
  • Bubbles Barrel

For guests seeking high enough thrill levels, the following attractions are also worth checking out:

  • Bandit Bomber
  • Rush Rider
  • Cinesplash

4) CLYMB Abu Dhabi

Seeking an adventure along the lines of wall climbing and skydiving? CLYMB Abu Dhabi is another record-breaking attraction that will give you more than you hope to get.

Home to the world’s tallest climbing wall and largest skydive flight chamber, CLYMB offers various activities for adventurers of varying skill levels:

Indoor Climbing

For extreme climbers, The SUMMYT is an expert-level climbing wall that comes with 13 challenging routes.

If this is much too challenging for you, you can try other climbing walls instead. Every one of them caters to climbers with varying experience levels, from beginner to advanced.

Indoor Skydiving

Unlike most flight chambers with only four fans and the standard 4.26-meter height, CLYMB Abu Dhabi has 16 powerful fans and a whopping 32-meter by 9.7-meter space. This means you’ll literally get blown away in an expansive vertical tunnel in the most thrilling „ride“ of your life.

Skydiving at CLYMB Abu Dhabi takes into account your skill level and comfort. Not only will they provide you with highly skilled instructors who’ll guide you every step of the way, but they also have skydiving gears you can rent (costs added on top of your UAE skydiving tickets).

5) Qasr Al Watan

Some adventures give you that enigmatic feeling you only get when witnessing something great. This is what you can experience at Qasr Al Watan.

When viewed from outside, you can already see how majestic the palace can be, with its dazzling limestone and white granite façade in a structure designed to last for centuries. Even the sheer size of the Central Dome is enough to make jaws drop and hearts float.

Qasr Al Watan’s architecture also pays tribute to the Arabian craft and has become a prime cultural landmark in the UAE capital. Certain parts of the Palace have also been opened to the public, including:

  • The Great Hall
  • House of Knowledge
  • Qasr Al Watan Library
  • Spirit of Collaboration

Take note that presidential palace booking may need to be done online. You must also check the Palace’s temporary closure schedule first, as it is still used for official purposes. Check if it is open to the public on the day of your visit before going there.

Adventure Begins in Abu Dhabi

People have different preferences in many things, including adventures. Figure out what yours is and begin your adventure in Abu Dhabi today.

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