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Why education in the Czech universities is cheap and quality

Many students want to study abroad and start looking for universities that could meet their expectations. And international students are surely welcomed in every country because they add to the cultural diversity of the country. Besides, many local students can learn more about other countries just by befriending international students.

The Czech republic is one of Europe’s countries where education is cheap and of high quality. Even though it may seem at a first glance that Czech universities and the country have not many to offer, this is a misconception. The country’s oldest university was founded in 1348, and since then, they have offered educational programs of high quality and at affordable prices. If you are wondering why is education in Czech universities cheap and quality, find out below.

How Are Universities Organized?

In the Czech Republic, there are three main types of universities. Public, private, and state-run universities. Most universities are public, followed by private and state-run. Only those who want to pursue a career in the police or defense need to go to state-run universities: the Police Academy and the University of Defense.

The number of public universities is double that of private ones and also among the ones that are worth international universities rankings.

About the Tuition Fee

As an international student, you might keep an eye on the universities that offer affordable educational programs, and the Czech Republic is one of them. One of the reasons that education in the Czech universities is cheap and quality is because if you choose a program in Czech, the education will be free.

This is nice because the cost of living in the country is quite affordable, and if you do not have to pay the tuition fee or accommodation, you can spend less money than you would expect. The educational programs in Czech are free for all international students, no matter if you come from a country from the European Union or outside it.

But most international students might choose to study in English, as this is an international language most people know. And it would be much easier for them to do this. Well, if you choose to study in English, you should know that there is a tuition fee that ranges from university to university. The costs range from $2,000 to $5,000 per year for graduate programs. Even so, it is more affordable to study in the Czech Republic than in many other European countries, where the cost of living and studying can be pretty high.

However, it is important to note that there are some universities in the Czech Republic that offer free English programs to any student. And if you choose to study in English, you will have some courses where you will learn the Czech language. This way, it will be easier to communicate outside the classes. For some educational programs, these will be mandatory, as is the case with medicine.

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To get an education and be admitted to universities, you need to undergo a careful selection process. Besides your documents that say that you have graduated high school (if you apply for a Bachelor’s degree) or Bachelor (if you apply for a Master’s degree or postgraduate program), there are other steps to complete as well.

Depending on the program you apply for, students might need to submit letters of recommendation, cover letters, your portfolio, and the language proficiency test. Many students might feel challenged or lost in front of a complex admission process, so they might start looking for top writers to help them with the writing process. You can choose essay writer for your needs and start your journey. Writers can guide you through this process and help you craft powerful cover letters. When you apply to a Czech university, you apply to a whole range of experiences. They put an emphasis not only on the information but also on the practical value of the information. So, you will take part in classes, workshops, team buildings, work, and practical experience during your study years.


The Czech Republic is one of the European countries that is often overlooked. Many underestimate it, but it comes with added value. Czech universities are cheap and quality and many of them are present in international rankings. The cost of living is pretty affordable, and so do the tuition fees for English programs. But the experience you get in this country as an international student will be unforgettable.

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