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Why Spending Time for Yourself is So Important?

We all love to enjoy the company of others. Isn’t it?

However, it is very essential to have ‘Me’ time once in a while to understand yourself better.

‘Me’ time is the time spent for yourself to relax from the busy life. It is the time to sit back and unwind.

With our super busy life style, we tend to forget our priorities and forever indulge on activates to keep others happy.

It could mean working long hours to keep boss happy, or playing long hours to keep kids happy or organizing home to keep spouse happy.

To keep others satisfied, we sometimes forget ourselves, especially women, who are too busy living the role of mother, wife, daughter and many more. This will eventually lead to an unfulfilling life.

What about you?

You don’t need to be a loner to spend time with yourself. Everyone should dedicate a personal ‘Me’ time to work on things that are significant on their lives.

Why it is important?

If you learn to spend time with yourself, you will understand yourself better. This will help you to live a happy life. Personal times have great health benefits too.

Below are the 17 reasons why you should spend time for yourself

To understand your thoughts

It is essential to take time every day to reflect upon your thoughts. If you learn to understand your thoughts, you will understand what makes you behave in such a way under certain circumstances.

You will also learn what makes you excited and what gets you triggered. Monitoring one’s thought is the first step towards self-awareness. ‘Me’ time will help you to understand yourself better.

To find your fears

By Spending time with yourself, you will know what you fear the most in your life, how you can overcome that fear, what are the strategies you can use to conquer it and get your way to success.

To find your passions

In the time you have for yourself, you can think and figure out where your heart lies, what keeps you excited. What makes you feel good and fulfilled? All these will help you to identify your passions.

To understand the things you love

When you talk to yourself, you will learn the thing you love the most. From your craziness to hoard dark chocolates, to buy all stuff in bright pink colour, you will learn everything that you love and get you excited in this world.

To find a hobby

In the ‘Me’ time, you can pursue your hobbies and relax. Hobbies are great way to divert our mind from daily mundane work.

If you love reading book or practice singing, use this time to indulge the hobbies you love the most.

To nourish your body

Self- time will help you to look after your body and pamper it. If you find some time for yourself, try to do something that will make your body thank you. It could be a simple body massage or a warm shower.

To work on your goals

In the ‘me’ time, work on your goals. Recollect and list down your dreams and what actions you need to take in order to achieve those dreams. Then start working on those actions one by one.

To work with your inner self

In this time, you can connect with your inner self and work for the betterment of it. Try practicing meditation, yoga and other breathing exercises that aid you to connect with your inner-self.

To recharge your life

Sometimes ‘Me’ time is essential to just to sit and take a break from running forever behind life responsibilities. It helps you to recharge your energy. Take this time to simply sit and relax.

To enjoy the simple pleasures of life

Happiness is all about enjoying simple pleasures of life. Go for a long walk, sip a nice coffee, do some creative work. Take your lonely time to do most of the simplest of life things and derive pleasure from it.

To define meaning for your existence

Think about what defines you.

What is the one thing that you would never want to miss in the life?

If you are to about to die tomorrow, what is the  one thing that you will regret not doing till now?

Find the real meaning of your existence  and start doing it on your ‘me’ time.

To work on self-love

You need to love and respect yourself like how you want others to love you. Use the time you have for yourself to do this.

In this time, pamper yourself like a little kid. Take care of you, Hug you, appreciate you, inspire you and criticise you. Self-love is the best form of love.

To plan your life

Take a notebook and write a plan for your life. A plan is a consolidation of few actionable steps you need to take in order to achieve what you want.

Once you know what are your dreams and goals, you need to work on your plans. Take ‘me’ time to do it. You can create a plan for difference areas of your life like Health, Finance, Kids, and Relationship etc.

To correct your mistakes

Reflect upon your mistakes. Have you ever felt guilty doing something? Have you ever hurt someone with your actions? Why did you do so? What you can do to prevent that from future.

Understanding and correcting your mistakes is the best way to lead a peaceful life. Do this on your ‘me’ time.

To understand your strengths

You may have plenty of dreams and goals, but if you want to make progress, you should also learn to understand your strengths.

If you know your strengths, you can easily come up with actions that will get you closer to goals. Take this time to understand your strength.

To practice gratitude

Life is not a fairytale to have a happy ending all the time. No. Life is tough. But if you learn to stay positive and appreciate the little things in life, you can live a happy life.

Being thankful and grateful for what we have helps us to let go of negativity. In the time you have yourselves, practice gratitude.

To learn something new and experience new things

It is very important that we continue to learn and experience new things in life constantly. Only when we do new things, we will know what excites us in the life.

I have heard people telling me that they don’t know how to find their passions. If you are one among them, take time and experience new things. This will help you to find new things that can make you feel happy. This is the best way to find your passions.

‘Me time’ is significant to bring the best out of a person. If you learn to know what you can do to yourself, it will expand your horizon of success. Please reserve at least 5 minutes each day and work on the things explained above. It will bring lots of changes to your life.

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