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Here Comes 27 Quick Relaxing Techniques to Handle Stress and Anxiety

Stress is our body’s way of responding to a demanding situation. Our busy life style imposes huge mental and emotion strain which leads to stress and anxiety. It is very essential to catch the first signs of stress and learn to cope up.

Otherwise, stress can lead to several health problems including obesity, ageing, depression, diabetics and many more.

There are plenty of factors that can make a person feel stressed out. Whatever be the reason for your stress, there are some simple techniques that can immediately relieve you from the pressure of handling the situation.

These simple techniques can easily make you stop feeling overwhelmed and help you to get the situation under your control. Once you regain the control of your situation, you can easily learn to tackle the problem in a better way.

27 Quick to follow stress relieving techniques which will help you to cope up stress in a better way.

Move to a peaceful place

If you feel you are highly stressed out, go to a peaceful place. Ambience is very important to come out of the excessive strain you are at present. It will also help you to focus on what can be done next.

Even if you can’t change the place, just switch off all lights and move to a peaceful room.

Talk to someone

There will always be a well-wisher, who can offer sympathetic ears and listen to your problems. Have a heart to heart talk with them and tell your problems.

You will feel better when you let out what you have been building up inside.

Go for a shopping

Whenever I feel low, I go to a shop. I buy something. Immediately it will change the mind.

Shopping is a therapy. Next time instead of feeling nervous about your situation, go to a shop and buy that gift to yourself which you have been longing to get.

Fix something

I take my stressful days as a challenge to do something productive. Mostly I clear off all the old stuff, I dust off my shelves, Organize my paper work etc..

Fixing something in the other area of our life will let you to vent out the steam somewhere.

Get it down on a paper and burn it

Take a paper and write down the things which are making you feel low. Write without limitations. If you like to shout at someone, do it on the paper.

Once you have vented out, please burn it. This is a way of getting our burden out.

Take shower

Take a long refreshing shower. If possible, use scented shampoos and soaps to get an invigorating feeling.

This will give you the much needed boost and calm you down.

Go for a long walk

Take a long walk. Walking is a great exercise. It not helps you to stay in shape; it also helps to cope up stress, anxiety and other negative feelings.

Read a biography, or self-help book, or article

Read an inspiring biography and seek wisdom from the life of others. Learn how they others managed to bounce back in a difficult situation. If you don’t like biographies, read a self-help book.

If you don’t like to read books, then I will advise you to pick up at least a positive article and read it. A single positive thought can make you feel motivated. This in turn will let you to handle stress in a better way

Go for a massage

If you can afford it, get a professional massage done from a spa.

It will not only relieve you physically but also emotionally.

Shutdown and sleep well

Sometimes lack of sleep can toss up your mood. If you feel tried and didn’t have proper sleep for prolonged time, then take a break from everything and go to sleep.

Ask somebody to help you out in managing tasks, while you get the much needed rest.

When you feel okay, get back to life.

Eat Well

Huger can cause irrational mood swings and irritation towards everyone. If for some reason, you are ignoring your appetite and continue to eat less fulfilling meals, then it is time to eat more and save your sanity.

I will become an emotional eater when I get stressed out. So instead of giving in for stress and eat junk foods later, I just go to a restaurant and eat a healthy food when I feel I behave improperly out of hunger.

Play a game

Become a child and play physically active games like basketball, Tennis etc.

Playing game will boost your heart rate, and will make you feel energetic soon.

If you are not a lover of physical games, why can’t you try simple indoor games like chess, sudoko, solving puzzles..etc. These will engage your mind and divert it from the problems. Later you can relax and think of solutions to your issues.


Laugh your heart out. Watch a comedy show, check memes, read jokes. Laugh out loud.

Drink a coffee

Coffee is an instant energy booster. When you feel nothing is happening as you had planned, instead of worrying, take a break and have a cup of coffee.

Prepare your grateful list

If you think you are the one who is highly stressed out and if you seems to build aversion over life, then time to sit down and write all the positive things for which you are grateful for this life.

This will let you to feel thankful and happy. Gratitude will make us stop sliding over the window of negativity

Analyse the cause

Many of us get stressed out for simple issues in life. The issues could sometime be so trivial and it would be inappropriate to lose one’s mind for something which is so insignificant.

So when you get time, analyse your negative emotions. Learn to understand why you get stressed out in the first place.

Ask yourself ‘Does it matter after five years’?

If answer is no, then probably you should let it go.

Find a solution

When you find the cause of the problem that is creating excessive strain on your mind and body, then you need to learn to accept it and find a solution for the problem.


If you are a religious person and believer of god, pray to god to give enough courage and strength to handle that situation. Go to your place of worship and immerse yourself in prayers.


When you learn to control your thoughts, you can come out from problems is life.

Practice meditation. It is one of the best stress-buster. There are plenty of you tube videos to teach you this. Subscribe to a channel and start practicing this.

Embrace nature

Go for a long walk in a lonely place, Watch sun rise, soak up in ocean. Connect with nature and you will feel better soon.

Positive affirmations

When you are stressed out, tell to yourself the below positive affirmations

  • I am unnecessarily spoiling my happiness for petty things.
  • This too shall pass
  • Let it go, not worth to fight a battle
  • Today is wonderful and I am going to rock no matter what!

Positive affirmations will send positive vibrations to your mind. Soon you will feel better.

Listen to music

Listen to soothing songs. Keep all your favourite songs on a playlist. When you feel pressurised, put on your ear phones and enjoy the world of music.

Pamper yourself

Got to parlour, get your hair done. Get a facial. Indulge in manicure and pedicure. Do everything to pamper you. Enjoy your own company.

Procastinate the worry

When you are excessively consumed by negative thoughts, tell yourself that you are over analysing everything and your need to stop worrying at least till tomorrow.

It is impossible to block the complete thoughts from our mind. Hence keep repeating these words and procrastinate your worries.

Do Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful form of exercise to stretch your body and claim the energy back.

Dress up

Dress up well and go out to some place. Dressing up will immediately make you feel better and lift your mood.  It will increase your confidence.

If you feel better and confident, instead of fretting over an issue, you will focus on finding a solution.

Take a deep breath

When you feel overwhelmed by your problems, take deep breaths. Deep breaths will relieve you from the tension you are piling up inside. It will clear the uneasy feelings and make you feel better instantly.

These simple techniques will be very useful when you are confined under the clutch of stress. However, prolonged stress disorder cannot be cured by these simple techniques. In that case, it is essential to check with your physician.

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