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Top 50 Mental health awareness slogan to overcome depression

Mental health means being well emotionally, psychologically and socially connecting with others without any stress. Just like our physical health, staying with good mental health is also important at every stage of life from childhood till adulthood. Mental health problems are getting common these days, it may be visible outside or it may be hidden inside. Spreading awareness and providing proper counselling can completely recover people suffering from such illness. Because in this earth, everyone deserves to be happy and deserves to lead peaceful life overcoming depression.

Here is our consolidation of “Top 50 Mental health awareness slogan to overcome depression”. These mental health slogans might be personally useful for you or it could save your loved ones by spreading awareness and sending positive vibes at right time. Happy Reading…!!

  • A dose of positivity a day. Keeps the depression away
  • A healthy mind is the greatest treasure to find.
  • A healthy mind signifies a healthy body.
  • A strong will can overcome mental illness.
  • Daily stress can leave your health in a mess.
  • Depression is a flaw in chemistry, not a character.
  • Depression is an illness, not a weakness.
  • Don’t bury emotions let them flow.
  • Don’t ignore your mental health, it is as bad as cancer.
  • Don’t let depression get the better of you.
  • Don’t let your hopes down, fight depression.
  • Enjoy life, don’t live with strife.
  • Fight depression, clean inside.
  • Fighting mental illness makes you strong.
  • Fight stress to fight mental illness.
  • If you feel like life is sinking, try positive thinking!
  • Instead of being so stressed, release it all.
  • Instead of burying all your emotions, just talk.
  • It’s your battle, but you don’t need to fight alone.
  • Join the fight for happiness: Depression Awareness
  • Let’s learn to talk about mental health and take a step forward as a society.
  • Life won’t seem like such a mess, take time to relax and relieve stress.
  • Mental health is preserved wealth!
  • Mental Health: stop exclusion, dare to care!
  • Mental illness doesn’t change you. You are still who you were.
  • Mental illness doesn’t signify weakness.
  • Mental illness is not a choice, but recovery is.
  • Mental illness is not a personal failure.
  • Mental illness is not your life; it’s just a temporary part.
  • Negative thinking is sure to avoid it at all costs.
  • Negative thinking can be of harm.
  • Never be a slave of your thoughts.
  • Never do something which exploits your mental peace.
  • Patience is a weapon to fight mental illness.
  • Putting strain on your mind not only makes you tired but also makes you sick, be mentally healthy.
  • Share a smile it reduces mental pain.
  • Take control over emotions to take control of your mental health.
  • Take Therapy! Heal from within!
  • Taking a step today and talking today will help you lead a better tomorrow!
  • To be healthy, your mental health plays a very vital role.
  • To think too much is a disease.
  • What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, more unashamed conversation.
  • What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.
  • When there is a family behind your back, nothing is impossible to achieve.
  • When you care for someone going through mental problems, you heal!
  • With love, mental anxiety can be controlled.
  • You are the same person even after you find out that you have mental sickness. Stop judging you to stop people judging you.
  • You don’t need heroin to become a hero, just tell people how you overcame the mental illness.
  • Your illness does not define you. Your strength and courage do.
  • Your mental illness is not your identity.
  • Your mind is important to your health more than any wealth.
  • Your mind is not a warehouse get rid of the rotten stock.

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